Sunday night

Spent an inordinate amount of time this weekend scrolling through photos of the DC storm, remembering fun snow days, and watching Tian Tian have the time of his life.   

Snowmaggedon, Federal Hill, 2010

Here in Rockridge, it was a sunny-ish weekend, and a break from the much needed rain. Friday night, David and I met up after work at Duende for restaurant week-such a treat.

After running house errands in San Leandro, we swung by Lake Merritt to finally check out the Gardens.   

So peaceful and green :)

But the absolute highlight of the weekend was hanging out with sweet baby Georgia! 


  Her beautiful eyes!!

She’s adorable and just incredibly sweet.


Kirstin and Brian had us over for dinner, and it was such a cozy, fun night with wonderful friends.

This afternoon, Heather organized lunch for Stephanie’s birthday, and we met up at  Lolo’s in the Mission. The croissant French toast was unreal-I’ve been searching for a recipe all afternoon.  This one looks pretty close. Later this afternoon, Kelly hosted a delicious ADPi Nee Year’s potluck-a very nice way to end the weekend. 

We just watched this week’s Downton-the quarrel between Isobel and Lady Grantham!  And so happy Tom returned.  Checked out the giant Downton Abbey book from the library-that was a delight to carry on BART-and excited to start reading it soon.

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