Are we grownups? 

Over the weekend, in Sacramento with our friends, we had one of those conversations where you realize you’re all getting a little bit older.


The pretty American river in Sacramento in the fall

We were swapping stories of our first few years after college-stories of visiting Eric, Molly, Jon and Melissa in Boston, David’s years in Connecticut before Baltimore-and we had a collective moment of, “wow, can you believe we all used to live there? That time seems like so long ago.” It is a long time ago-we graduated 9 years ago this fall.  Our long history of friendship made sitting around the Stevens dinning table, sharing stories over breakfast, particularly sweet.

The other indicator our twenties are so over? Our conversation. No joke, we somehow covered all of the following over the course of the weekend: 401(k) rollovers, tax planning, life insurance policies, health insurance policies, employee benefit packages, long-term care challenges (sorry guys, always guilty of bringing up that downer), and more.  It was a good kick in the pants to come home and tackle some of those items that had been lingering on my mental to-do list.

It wasn’t allll intense grown up talk.  We went to a pancake breakfast, enjoyed some wine tasting in downtown Folsom, and played mini-golf before settling into an evening of Fibbage (my new favorite game).  Eric and Molly are amazing hosts and I treasure these weekends of fun, nostalgic (and productive!) conversation together.

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