Valentine’s Weekend

It’s kind of nice when Valentine’s Day falls on a three day weekend AND coincides with a high pressure weather system = SUMMER in February.  Also, for all the eye rolling over the holiday (and I’ve definitely been there) it is sweet to see people out and about simply to celebrate a fun, lovey day.

So, it seemed fitting to kick off the holiday weekend with the BressWeddingOfficiantEver. We met up with Dave in the Mission Saturday for burritos and walked to the park to enjoy the sunshine and the view.

It was one of many “can you believe it’s February and we’re sitting on the lawn enjoying this spectacular view and SUNSHINE?” moments this weekend.

My favorite way to get back to Oakland is the ferry and we took the 2:30 boat to Jack London.  While waiting in line, we saw the news of Justice Scalia’s passing.  It was one of those weird BIG NEWS moments. We spent much of the line and boat ride back talking to strangers who were also processing the news and contemplating what it meant for the future.

Silvia and Ava met up with us for dinner in Jack London.  We sat outside and watched the boats on the water; it was beautiful and relaxing.

Sunday morning, I curled up with my Nora Ephron book and read the When Harry Met Sally script.  It was SO fun to read the script and pick up things I’ve missed after a zillion movie viewings.  I always got that Harry was pretty curmudgeonly, but his all out despair is much more potent in the script.  And, watching the movie, mentally, it always seemed like they were in a relationshipish thing from their lunch post-Shakespeare & Co., but reading it, it was clear how much they dance around their feelings.  Finally, it is strange to read it and realize how much older I am than when I first saw the movie. By the time they meet up again in the bookstore, Sally is my age.  She always seemed so old!

Anyway, it was a treat to read with coffee and a cheese biscuit in bed (thanks, David :)).  Feeling super rom-com sappy, I re-watched my favorite episode of the Mindy Project (Season Finale, Season 2) and to balance it all out, we watched David’s favorite Valentine’s Day episode from the Simpsons.

Later that afternoon, we walked up to the Claremont for fancy Valentine’s drinks.  The Fairmont re-model is almost complete and the always beautiful hotel looks exceptionally stunning. The view from the hotel and the sunset over the Bay was amazing, the drinks were crisp and refreshing, but I think my favorite part was walking through the hills, admiring all the spectacular houses.

And we ended the holiday with burritos at Gordos :)

The prospect of being able to go to the beach, in February, on a Monday was too tempting to pass up.  When we saw weather prediction of 70 degrees at Half Moon Bay, we packed a picnic and  drove out to the 92.

Traffic was fierce-it took nearly an hour to get out of the downtown-but it didn’t matter once we got to the sand. Crystal Cove is my all-time favorite beach, but those WAVES at Half Moon Bay! Such a memorizing, high drama show.

On the way home, we met up with Janou and Max in San Carlos for….more burritos! So, so grateful for Janou’s visits to California.

Thankfully, the rain has returned and we’re back to slightly more normal February weather.  And the weekend is only two days away :)

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