Happy March! Hanging out, watching thirtysomething, and deleting photos on my phone. Thought I would catch up on fun moments from the last weekish:

Sunrise over the water, on the train to Sacramento.


Happy hour at Hog Island with these two cuties :)

  Clear views from a gorgeous Sunday hike at Tilden 

And crazy clear views of the Bay, taking off to head to DC! 

Quick sister photo, walking to work in DC Monday morning :)


Gorgeous early spring weather. Love getting a jolt of energy walking around DC.


Dance night with some of my favorite aging ladies :) 


Received our first mail at our new house! David texted me this while I was in DC-SO excited for 9.4.16!!!

Spent Sunday afternoon with the SWEETEST little man in the mid-Atlantic. Those thigh dimples! And his bright blue eyes. It was such a delight to see Katie and Dave, in their rhythm as parents.

A great, energizing, quick trip to DC and now back home in Oakland. Two more days till the weekend :)

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