Weekend in Monterey

Ever since we moved to Oakland, I’ve been wanting to check out Monterey.  Thanks to Kirstin and Brian’s kind generosity, we spent the weekend at the beautiful Monterey Dunes with our friends. 


The forecast predicted wild rain storms all weekend. But we actually saw some sun! Friday night, Kirstin and Brian made yummy cheesy stuffed shells and sausage and we stayed up late (for me) playing Celebrity/Butros Butros Gali.


The weekend was SO RELAXING. Can’t describe how cool it was to wake up and hear the waves and fall asleep listening to the rain. 


The rest of Saturday was delightful low-key. We went for a walk, made peppery sandwiches, read magazines, and marveled at sweet Georgia and Isla! 



Saturday night, watching the primary returns, we got into a good, slightly heated talk about life, the economy and politics. I think I always get too serious, but it feels so nice to have friends to talk this stuff out with and hear different perspectives.

Jon and David made an incredible white bean soup and tri-tip for dinner.We made them pose by the table-they weren’t into it.  

The storm REALLY picked up during dinner. As we were finishing up-the power went out! It came back on after about an hour, but it was kind of fun to eat It’s-It ice cream sandwiches by the candlelight in the dark.

The next morning, after Eric and Molly’s delicous breakfast, we lingered a bit longer before making our way to Monterey.

The clouds cleared and it was a BEAUTIFUL day.

We were walking by the aquarium when a kind man asked, are you going to the aquarium? Turns out, he’s a member and he gave us his free tickets!  David has been wanting to check out the aquarium and this stranger made our DAY. 


David came face to face with a shark- 

And we got to see the wild mama otter who gave birth to a pup the day before (she’s out on the rocks in the tide pool)

A beautiful end to an awesome weekend with wonderful friends :)  




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