Happy 83, RBG

My dad gave me Sisters In Law for Christmas, and today, RBG’s 83rd birthday, felt like a perfect time to pick it up.


It’s wonderful-really excited to keep reading. In the intro, the author shares a story about a time that Ruth’s first employer (SSA) prohibited her from going on a work trip because she was a woman.

This evening, I took a long walk (thank you/hate you, Daylight Savings Time) and thought a lot about RBG. What it must have been like to be a female attorney, navigating the challenges of work and family life, 50 years ago? How did she manage to push through, when the pressure of all of it-and the total lack of support from her male-driven profession-must have been overwhelming? Thinking about her, that tiny, bird like little woman, with such powerful resilience, gave me strength as I walked and thought.

This weekend was tough one for David and me. The kind of emotional, real-life-can-be-hard-weekend, where you just kind of hunker down, wrapped in gratitude and love for each other, and just try to wait for the rain to stop. (Literally-it was non-stop rain, all weekend).  It was also the kind of weekend where you realize there’s no way you’ll be able to slap on a smile and embrace work on Monday.

And this is where I’m so grateful to be a working woman in 2016. In 2016,  you can go to work, bring your whole self to work, and be honest and open about a tough weekend or whatever else is going on in life. And thank goodness-my colleagues were amazing and so helpful to talk to.

What a powerful thing, to be a lawyer during this day and age.  RBG could never have the conversations like that with her colleagues; whatever she was going through she had to completely compartmentalize. This must be why she’s such a fervent advocate for equality. Her advocacy goes so far beyond her opinions-it’s her actions that inspire me, professionally and personally. If she could manage her legal career and all the curve balls life throws in her personal life, in a completely male dominated world fifty+ years ago, then surely I can handle this.

So, thanks, RBG. Thinking of you powered me through a much needed walk, in some much needed sunlight. Forever grateful for all you’ve done.


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