Saturday night, we were walking into IKEA, when a young child burst out the exit doors, his arms stretched out, running and yelling: “OUTSIDE!! FINALLY!!”

Ha! How many times have I felt the exact same way, leaving IKEA, after barely avoiding a meltdown?

Anyway, I also felt that child’s joy this weekend, during a gorgeous hike. We met up with Alex in SF and walked from Ocean Beach to Lands End. The beach was windy and the kite surfers (??) took full advantage. They were awesome. It was fascinating to watch them prepare on the beach, run into the water, clip in, and take off.  At some points it was so windy, they were literally flying  (for a microsecond) above the water.

From the beach we walked to the Sutro Baths and explored the ruins and the cavern.  
  And then it was a gorgeous walk through Lands End. Can’t believe it took us over a year to get out here! A lush, National Park and this view–right in the middle of the city.

  I got pretty carried away taking photos.
  Thank you for showing us this incredible place, Alex!

Yesterday we drove to Stockton for Easter with David’s family.  His mom made a delicious brunch and we joined his grandma at Easter Mass.

Before we drove home, we stopped by the house. The texturing and paint are all done and it is looking so much brighter!  Still lots to do before we move, but exciting and encouraging to see the progress and imagine finally living here.

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