Sonoma weekend 

April kicked off with a beautiful, spring weekend.

Our Friday night was low-key, as usual.  While I was making dinner, David called AT&T to set up internet at the new house.  The hour plus (!!) conversation was probably painful for David, but hilarious eavesdropping. The customer service agents have a host of scripted conversational questions to ask while waiting to process requests, and listening to David divulge his life’s biography to the surprisingly interested agent was a kick.

Saturday afternoon we drove north to explore Stinson beach on the Sonoma Coast.


Totally peaceful, sunny and beautiful.  I’m reading Euphoria, and it took me a while to get into it, but I got pretty wrapped up in it, reading it on the beach.

And this view on the drive back. Wow. I love traveling and exploring new places, but there is just so much right HERE!

The next morning, my mom arrived bright and early at the Oakland airport and we headed right back up north-this time to Healdsburg.

We started with coffee at Shed, where my mom said she kept waiting for Meryl Streep and Nancy Myers to pop out around the corner with pastries–it really does feel like a scene out of It’s Complicated. After coffee, we walked to Costeaux for rich egg and cheese croissants.

We walked through the town and admired the blooming, seasonal wisteria in Barndiva’s pretty patio.

And then, I had to show her Medloc Ames.  We sat for hours on the patio, talking, tasting, and admiring the tranquility of the Alexander Valley.

A very full and relaxing weekend.  And now, it’s already Wednesday!

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