Happy Earth Day!

Happy Friday, happy almost Passover, happy Earth Day, happy everything! Hoping to get through the day ok today and get to the weekend. 

David and I got back home from our wonderful and wayyyyy too short trip on Monday night. The long travel back really knocked me out and I’ve been pretty out of sorts all week. Lessons learned: 1) four days is not enough for a trip of that distance, 2) register for Global Entry because the Oakland Airport customs line is a nightmare after 16+ hours  of travel, and 3) walking 12 miles a day in Paris is AMAZING but wear good shoes! I was silly. and didn’t want to wear ugly shoes in pretty Paris and let’s just say now I’m paying the price…

Really hoping to get my energy back this weekend and document the trip-it was so gorgeous.

Thinking of this pretty patch of earth on Earth Day. We walked here, the Je T’Aime wall in Montmartre, on Saturday. Not pictured-the soundtrack of chirping birds. It was definitely spring in Paris!



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2 responses to “Happy Earth Day!

  1. Jackie

    Aahh so pretty! One of my favorite places in the whole world!! 😍

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