If life gives you lemons (flight delays)….

Re-route the trip and enjoy a cup of coffee at your parent’s house! 

Last night, I was supposed to fly home from a super short work trip in Minneapolis. Long before the departure, I started to get the fly delay texts.  By the time I got to the airport, my options were: stick with the original flight and get into Oakland at 2AM OR fly into SFO, but likely miss my connection and get stranded in Denver.

No fun. But then I realized….if I can’t get to Northern California tonight-maybe I can at least get to Irvine and fly up in the morning? Roger, a Southwest angel, furtively searched the system to get me on flight that was boarding to Phoenix and lo and behold I got into John Wayne at 10:30 last night! 

Now, back at the airport bright and early but grateful the (very!!!) brief trip and catching up with my mom.

Also-hope to go back to Minneapolis again someday. It was pretty cold and rainy, so I didn’t explore too much, but I DID try tater-tot hotdish. Whoa. 

Back in Oakland tonight for one more night before we move tomorrow….. :) 

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