Friday Moving Day :)

Yesterday, we closed out a busy week with by MOVING. I get so much anxiety about moving and was pretty nervous, but it all went well.  And now we’re together in our new/super old house! HOORAY!!


When David and I first moved in together, we moved from Baltimore to DC on a brutally hot Saturday in July, 2011.  Some sort of freak weather system caused a “heat dome” around DC, and it was about 114 degrees with the humidity.  Brutal.  Janou and our friends were champs and helped us through it.  Two years ago, Janou again saved the day, helping me get everything cleaned up and shipped off as I moved to meet up with David in California.  Both exeriences were very stressful, so I had fierce combination of excitement and dread about his move.  Dread for the actual process but also intense excitement about finally, finally being in our home together.

It felt so wonderful to sit at our dining table last night, eating sandwiches, looking around the house , and think, wow, we’re finally here.  To a new chapter!

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