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Hello, holiday weekend

Happy Friday! Hope it was a good week. David and I are in Irvine this weekend, hanging out with my parents. I took the day off and we drove down after work last night. Even with a dinner stop, I think it was one of our fastest trips home.

After seven years of red-eyes, layovers, and delayed flights to see my parents, every time we do the drive I’m feel so grateful for the freedom and flexibility of just getting in the car and driving home.

We don’t have any major plans-I’m excited for some reading and beach time, and just hanging out.

Thinking with gratitude for those who died in service, and hoping for a peaceful and reflective Memorial Day weekend for all.

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What do you want to be when you grow old?

Yesterday, David and I walked into Trader Joe’s and I overheard one of the customer service clerks chatting with a family while he rang them up. He (the TJs employee) was laughing and then asked the family son (who must have been about 7), “what do you want to be when you grow old?”

While I didn’t catch the son’s response, it got me thinking. Clearly Mr. TJ was asking a question along the lines of “what do you want to be when you grow up?” but the use of the word old struck me initially as strange-this 7 year old has no idea what he wants when he’s old!-and then I realized-none of us know what we want when we grow old.

Probably because we’re never asked. 

How interesting that we spend our childhoods encouraged to dream of the world of opportunity that awaits us when we grow up, and then adulthood working to make that a reality, but do we ever sit around and daydream about what we want when we grow old?

How would our perceptions of aging-both our own and our aging society-improve if we talked about our goals for growing old? And we normalized it and discussed it throughout life.  What if children felt just as normal daydreaming about their life as a grown up as imagining being old?

Anyway, that was my Sunday morning TJ’s internal dialogue!

The rest of the weekend was nice and low key.  We walked over to Mile Wine on Friday for Maryland-style crab cakes and some delicious wine tasting.  Saturday, I stopped by the Stockmarket and picked up some goodies from my favorite shop before exploring a destination I’ve long been curious about.

The Crate and Barrel Clearance Center.

Thank goodness I didn’t have a truck or any way to haul the gorgeous furniture, so I just browsed for inspiration.Like the outlet store in Berkeley, the Clearance Center marks down the furniture each week until it sells, but it’s waayyyy less crowded and has a much greater furniture selection than the Berkeley outlet.  Our house is pretty sparse right now, but I’m hoping that slowly, over time, we might able to find some pieces that make it more colorful and cozy. So fun.

Saturday night we met up with Eric and Molly and checked out SOUTH in Sacramento.

It’s on the prettiest tree-lined street and it is DELICIOUS. The line wraps around outside the restaurant and it probably took about an hour before we were seated, but it was so worth it. Still thinking about the crunchy, juicy fried chicken and the sweet honey butter and biscuits. I’ve been nervous about living further away from friends with this move and so it was especially nice to see Molly and Eric-they’re always so fun and it’s a treat to live closer to one of my oldest college friends.

The other weekend highlight?

The farmer’s market! The cherries at the market are unreal. We ended up with basically a bucket of cherries and I’ve been snacking away all day. It felt so summery and calming, standing at the kitchen sink, listening to music while picking off the stems, as the nice breeze waltzed through the window.

And now, Monday morning! Hoping for a good week ahead :)

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Hello, weekend!

As I pulled into our driveway this afternoon, I had to stop and take a photo of our neighbor’s gorgeous flowers.  I don’t know what they are but the color is beautiful! And they keep our car nice and shaded :)

This week ended up being pretty SF and Sacramento filled.  Monday night, Lauren’s dad was in a show, so Heather and I went to watch.  His energy and voice were very impressive!

Stephanie and Chad were nice enough to let me stay at their apartment Monday night and when I woke up, Stephanie had prepped a sweet little breakfast and coffee! I’m always amazed at how thoughtful my friends are as hosts.


It was super warm Tuesday morning, so instead of BARTing to my office from SF, I took the ferry. Beautiful to start the morning with fresh air on the water.

The heat continued Tuesday and Wednesday and it was HOT in Stockton and Sacramento. David and I had dinner in the backyard Wednesday night and I experimented with fava beans.  The farmer’s market had heaps of them, and I just boiled them and ate them plain, but I would be curious to try a fava bean relish or pesto in the future.  I love their pretty color.

This photo is sadly not from this week but a happy memory from 2013.  I was in a meeting and took out my iPad to take notes, and for some reason, my notes from our 2013 Stockholm trip popped up in my notepad.  It took all my willpower to close the note and focus on the meeting, but later, I went back through the photos and notes and it was a fun 10 minute memory vacation.  That was a gorgeous day!

Looking forward to a quiet and much cooler weekend ahead :)



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Big trees and big zin

Hello, Monday. The weather this weekend was perfect for getting outside in the sun. We stayed close-ish to home to check out some local wine tasting and hiking.

Saturday afternoon, we drove to m2 winery for a tasting.  We’ve been to a handful of Lodi wineries over the years, but this tasting room far surpassed the others.

It was sleek and modern and the open sliding walls ushered in a relaxing breeze. Lodi is known for zinfandel and we did a red tasting. I’m not a huge zin fan, but that might be because I’ve tried so few. I’m sure I’ll be tasting a lot more as we explore more wineries, so maybe that will change? Either way, the wine was good and it was so nice to take in the warm afternoon in this beautiful space.

After the farmers market and TJs yesterday morning-(no more TJs next door = a bit of extra weekend planning) we packed a picnic and drove out to Big Trees State Park. It wasn’t a terribly long ride-about an hour 20-but it was verrrry winding road. Lots of curves and dips through a pretty quiet area and then….gorgeous greenery and trees! Definitely worth it once we got to the park.

The trees live up to their name-they’re huge! Spent a lot of the hike craning my neck, staring up at them. Again, so grateful for all the rain and the gorgeous, lush greenery. With travel and the move last month, it had been a while since our last hike and it felt great to be outside.  I recently read about shinrin-yoku, Japanese meditation known as a forest bath.  It’s the idea of mobile meditation, contemplative walking through the woods to help lower stress. Have to say, it works. A few hours in walking around these trees was certainly calming and mood boosting.

And now-Monday! Sending good thoughts for the week ahead.

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Happy weekend! Going through my phone and thought I would update on random moments this week.

We’ve been in our house for two weeks today and it’s fun getting settled in. I’m enjoying exploring the neighborhood and am so grateful for this winter’s rain and all the trees and greenary.

The big stuff with the house is pretty much done but now there’s a million other things we should do and we’re not sure how to prioritize. Everyone who comes over asks us when we’re going to paint, and I understand their perspective….

It’s pretty stark! Our bid with our contractor was for all white paint, so it’s nice and fresh and a little…minimal? :) We certainly need to add more color and decorate, but there’s a part of me that wants to stick with the crisp, white walls. It’s very calming! I saw this article and had to laugh-I didn’t realize it was a thing, let alone a controversy!

We’ll see….first we need to paint the outside of the house…one thing at a time.

Another benefit of the move-we’re much, much closer to Sacramento! I was able to scoot up there for an aging event Wednesday and it was a beautiful morning.

Whoever started #removealetterspoilabook-thank you. Too funny.


Last week, Hillary stopped by her campaign headquarters-across the street from our office! It was so fun to gather around the window and cheer her on.

Looking forward to the weekend :)

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