Get Your Pearls On-Gina and Tyler’s Wedding!

This weekend, Gina and Tyler got married and it was beautiful. 

The wedding was Saturday evening at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. We flew up Saturday and met up with our friends before the wedding. The ceremony was wonderful and the Pastor recounted their love story through the years.  The best part was Gina’s reaction-fact checking his assertions at the alter, while he spoke. And! Tyler was a sentimental crying groom! I love watching the groom’s reaction when the bride walks down the aisle-his was so  sweet.

Gina’s family knows how to throw a good party and this wedding was no exception :)

  We danced, and danced, and danced..    

   Casey was a star and flew in from CT.  He took a redeye back that night and I was SO grateful to see him-even for just a few hours.
These two cuties recently got engaged AND Divya crushed it with her MOH toast! We were out wayyyy past my bedtime…  

Very grateful to be able to celebrate Gina and Tyler and see these important people. We’re scattered all over the country and I’m always impressed that no matter what, everyone makes an effort to show up. Cheers to a beautiful couple and a happy wedding weekend!

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