Last Sunday in Vegas

Happy weekend! We have a low-key weekend ahead, which is great. Last Sunday, after all week’s activities, I reallllly just wanted to chill.  Right here: 

We spent several hours at the pool (with hats and loads of sunscreen :)) and it felt so good to be in the heat and sun.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to relax even more at the Mirage Spa. I bought a pass to the day spa and totallllly checked out for the next few hours.  The day spa alone was so incredible, I didn’t regret not getting a treatment.  The plunge pools and steam room were heavenly all on their own.  The spa has a lounge area with magazines, tea and snacks and the most comfortable sofa. I asked the attendant where they purchased it, and she said she couldn’t remember, but they get asked all the time. Then she said, “I think people just get so relaxed here, they think there’s something super special with the products. But really, it’s just that they’re finally relaxed.  People ask us all the time, ‘what kind of detergent do you use? Your towels are so soft and smell incredible.’ It’s just Tide. But I think since people are finally mellowed out and relaxed, they appreciate everything more.”

I totally agree. The afternoon in the day spa left me more mellowed than I’ve felt in a long time. It made me wonder how much more I would appreciate things, like my own soft towels at home, if I just take a moment to calm down and mentally declutter.

One of the best parts of travelling with an urban policy wonk is we never just go to the city. David always wants to learn about different historic districts or revitalized areas, and so Sunday night we ventured over to Downtown Las Vegas.

Our first stop was Container Park-literally a park and shopping district built out of shipping containers.

And here is the home of the amazing hot dogs: Cheffinis. I didn’t think I would want a hot dog after the detoxing spa afternoon, but the turkey dog (with avacado, siracha and CRUSHED POTATO CHIPS) was too good to pass up. Delicious.

Since all the stores are containers, they’re all quite small. I imagine that means a more reasonable rent, and it was exciting to see a whole shopping center with local, independent businesses.

The park was packed! It was exactly what you hope for in a public space. Places for older adults to sit and walk outside, younger people meeting up for happy hour at the bustling rooftop bars, and families relaxing at the multiple play areas (including the coolest looking treehouse).    The only challenge I noticed is a classic CA/NV issue: how to build a pretty, green, and drought tolerant, public space. On the one hand, it was a relief to see the grass above was fake turf, and a not a huge water depleting lawn. On the other hand, while it was cool in the evening, I can’t imagine how boiling hot that turf gets in the summer, rendering it unusable for families. Other than that, it was an awesome, innovative park.

We walked around downtown a bit more.  Rachel and Adam recommended Carson Kitchen, and we walked over for an early dinner.

OH MY. Hands down, the best dinner I’ve ever had in LV. I loved the room, but the food. It was basically hearty tapas, and we split four dishes and a rhubarb sorbet for dessert. All incredible.

Not trying to sound too hyperbolic, but it was an all around great Sunday in Vegas. Though I’d been to Vegas many, many times with friends, this was my first trip with David.  With the beautiful wedding, the relaxing pool and spa, and our incredible dinner, it was a very fun weekend getaway. Going to keep my eyes out for flight deals, as I definitely hope we return!

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