Paris-Day 2

Happy Monday! Compared to the last few weeks, this weekend was nice and quiet. Here’s a few memories from a more exciting weekend-our Saturday in Paris last month :)

Our second morning in Paris started with a looooong walk. Here was our Journy itinerary for the day (we saved Angelina for the next day):


Everything we read about HolyBelly sounded incredible and we were so excited for brunch.  Apparently, so was every 20-30something brunch goer. Too hungry to wait, we opted for a cafe on the corner. It looked perfectly charming, all red awning, brass fixtures, bistro chairs.

It was…..fine. Totally forgettable (literally, I can’t remember the name), but we left fortified for the walk to Montmartre, with a promise we would try for HolyBelly again on Sunday.

We walked and walked and walked, stopping for a moment at a covered market.  It reminded me a bit of Cross Street Market/Eastern Market, but with wayyyy more cheese stalls.  All markets could use a few more cheese stalls :)

 We eventually made our way up to Sacre Coeur.  In planning our itinerary, I told the Journy agent we had previously visited the big tourist sights, except for Sacre Couer and Montmartre.  The building is beautiful, as was the view.

  We walked around Montmartre, and stopped for crepes for lunch. Katie recommended Le Tire Bouchon and we tucked in there just as it started pouring rain.  The warm Nutella crepe hit the spot.

 From there, we walked back to the hotel.  The walk took longer than necessary because I kept stopping to take photos of all the magnificent buildings and streets.  Definitely the kind of photos that seem important at the time that end up in massive phone deleting after a trip.

 David took a nap and I walked across the Seine to the Musee d’Orsay.  I love, love, love that museum.   It is just…pretty and the environment is the perfect backdrop for the soft and lovely Impressionist paintings.

  We had reservations that night at Ellsworth for dinner.  The restaurant was close to our hotel, and we walked over just as the sun was setting behind the buildings.


 Dinner was FANTASTIC! Small plates, light and flavorful, farm fresh French food. Super random, but the bread arrived in these little fabric woven baskets, wrapped up warm in a tea towel and I just loved that. The food was certainly flavorful but a bit lighter and a nice break from the heavy decadence the previous day.

The tables next to us were filled with young-ish couples on dates and groups of friends. I love when a restaurant’s relaxed and warm decor is reflected in the mood of its patrons-everyone just seemed happy to be gathered together, locked in lively conversation.

Very grateful for another happy day in a beautiful city :)

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