Happy weekend! Going through my phone and thought I would update on random moments this week.

We’ve been in our house for two weeks today and it’s fun getting settled in. I’m enjoying exploring the neighborhood and am so grateful for this winter’s rain and all the trees and greenary.

The big stuff with the house is pretty much done but now there’s a million other things we should do and we’re not sure how to prioritize. Everyone who comes over asks us when we’re going to paint, and I understand their perspective….

It’s pretty stark! Our bid with our contractor was for all white paint, so it’s nice and fresh and a little…minimal? :) We certainly need to add more color and decorate, but there’s a part of me that wants to stick with the crisp, white walls. It’s very calming! I saw this article and had to laugh-I didn’t realize it was a thing, let alone a controversy!

We’ll see….first we need to paint the outside of the house…one thing at a time.

Another benefit of the move-we’re much, much closer to Sacramento! I was able to scoot up there for an aging event Wednesday and it was a beautiful morning.

Whoever started #removealetterspoilabook-thank you. Too funny.


Last week, Hillary stopped by her campaign headquarters-across the street from our office! It was so fun to gather around the window and cheer her on.

Looking forward to the weekend :)

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