Big trees and big zin

Hello, Monday. The weather this weekend was perfect for getting outside in the sun. We stayed close-ish to home to check out some local wine tasting and hiking.

Saturday afternoon, we drove to m2 winery for a tasting.  We’ve been to a handful of Lodi wineries over the years, but this tasting room far surpassed the others.

It was sleek and modern and the open sliding walls ushered in a relaxing breeze. Lodi is known for zinfandel and we did a red tasting. I’m not a huge zin fan, but that might be because I’ve tried so few. I’m sure I’ll be tasting a lot more as we explore more wineries, so maybe that will change? Either way, the wine was good and it was so nice to take in the warm afternoon in this beautiful space.

After the farmers market and TJs yesterday morning-(no more TJs next door = a bit of extra weekend planning) we packed a picnic and drove out to Big Trees State Park. It wasn’t a terribly long ride-about an hour 20-but it was verrrry winding road. Lots of curves and dips through a pretty quiet area and then….gorgeous greenery and trees! Definitely worth it once we got to the park.

The trees live up to their name-they’re huge! Spent a lot of the hike craning my neck, staring up at them. Again, so grateful for all the rain and the gorgeous, lush greenery. With travel and the move last month, it had been a while since our last hike and it felt great to be outside.  I recently read about shinrin-yoku, Japanese meditation known as a forest bath.  It’s the idea of mobile meditation, contemplative walking through the woods to help lower stress. Have to say, it works. A few hours in walking around these trees was certainly calming and mood boosting.

And now-Monday! Sending good thoughts for the week ahead.

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