Hello, weekend!

As I pulled into our driveway this afternoon, I had to stop and take a photo of our neighbor’s gorgeous flowers.  I don’t know what they are but the color is beautiful! And they keep our car nice and shaded :)

This week ended up being pretty SF and Sacramento filled.  Monday night, Lauren’s dad was in a show, so Heather and I went to watch.  His energy and voice were very impressive!

Stephanie and Chad were nice enough to let me stay at their apartment Monday night and when I woke up, Stephanie had prepped a sweet little breakfast and coffee! I’m always amazed at how thoughtful my friends are as hosts.


It was super warm Tuesday morning, so instead of BARTing to my office from SF, I took the ferry. Beautiful to start the morning with fresh air on the water.

The heat continued Tuesday and Wednesday and it was HOT in Stockton and Sacramento. David and I had dinner in the backyard Wednesday night and I experimented with fava beans.  The farmer’s market had heaps of them, and I just boiled them and ate them plain, but I would be curious to try a fava bean relish or pesto in the future.  I love their pretty color.

This photo is sadly not from this week but a happy memory from 2013.  I was in a meeting and took out my iPad to take notes, and for some reason, my notes from our 2013 Stockholm trip popped up in my notepad.  It took all my willpower to close the note and focus on the meeting, but later, I went back through the photos and notes and it was a fun 10 minute memory vacation.  That was a gorgeous day!

Looking forward to a quiet and much cooler weekend ahead :)



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