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The world certainly doesn’t need for more meme circulation, and I’m cringing a bit as I post the above,  but it’s just too spot on.  Like most women between 20-70, I’m a grade A, all-star worrier.  Ever since turning 30 I’ve really honed my craft.  I can out-worry the best of them.  It’s all absurd, I know, but so hard to control. I remember the elders Dr. Pillemer interviews in his incredible book talking about how, towards the end of their life, their biggest regret is all the time wasted worrying.

This is so obvious and I’m so aware, but man, it’s tough to not to fall into worry spiral! Thank goodness for lavender essential oils and sleep meditation apps :)

Anyway, tomorrow, David and I have plans to kick off the holiday weekend at Pinecrest Lake. I’m excited to unplug, recharge, hike and get out of my head a little bit. Unfortunately, have a bit of a sore throat, so gulping down ginger-honey-lemon tea, resting tonight and hoping for the best.

The other thing the Internet doesn’t need more of? iPhone photos of deconstructed cold remedies-but the colors were so pretty! I just couldn’t resist.
Happy almost-holiday weekend!

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Beach + Quiet Sunday

Friday morning, my office was appropriately buzzing about Brexit and just the general state of the world.  My colleague Vanessa shared a newsletter, with advice that this was a good weekend to remove social media and try to unplug.  I definitely did not make it all weekend, but removed it Friday afternoon-Saturday evening.  Took a similar social media fast for most of the day last Sunday and I really think it helps.

The heat rose to the triple digits in Stockton this weekend, so David and I planned a beach day to cool off. Saturday morning, we picked up sandwiches and potato salad from Gian’s Deli for a beach picnic.  Their focaccia bread and roasted red peppers perfectly cradle the sandwich and the result is delicious.  We hit a lot of traffic in Half Moon Bay, but the rest of the drive was easy.

Currently reading and loving Eligible, by Curtis Sittenfeld.  When I read she wrote a Pride and Prejudice update, my initial instinct that it sounded gimmicky quickly  dissipated-if anyone could do that right it’s Sittenfeld.  Thoroughly enteratained so far. In the words of Stefon, this book has EVERYTHING: slights at tech bros, Obamacare references, and a hilarious love story between a modern day Liz Bennett and FW Darcy.

A Half Moon Bay trip is kind of a dice roll-it’s a long drive, and even if it’s sweltering in the Central Valley, it can still be foggy and cold at the beach.  Thankfully, the weather was beautiful.

I love the beach tug-of-war: laying down a towel and preparing for the progressive afternoon rush of watching the tide rise, and inching back along the sand to avoid the rising water.  The waves are so powerful at HMB-and the water so cold-that a monster wave crash can lead to the most refreshing mist, hitting you just as you start to feel a bit warm.

Later that afternoon, we met up with the Hualgars and the Wojos at Hop Dogma Brewing Company. It’s been a while since we were all together and it felt so nice to see them again. And especially fun to see Georgia! How does she get CUTER? Every time we see her, we’re amazed.
Georgia and jiu jiu Jon!

Later that evening, back in Stockton, we walked to the Mile for ice cream. It was still warm, but breezy, as the sun set.

Yesterday, we slipped into what’s becoming a very nice Sunday routine: farmer’s market, Trader Joe’s, gym, big Sunday dinner.

As reluctant as I am to post photos of food (I just don’t seem to capture them well), have to document this one to remember for the future. David made it and it was some sort of chicken with mushrooms and sherry sauce-just delicious!
Sending good thoughts for the week ahead.

Also, this photo made me smile this am :)

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Friday thoughts-Britain

Before falling asleep last night, I checked the Brexit results.  Like the rest of the world, I was shocked and deeply dismayed to see the decision.  As a citizen of the world, it’s troubling to see an entire nation–in the year 2016–elect to retreat until isolationism as a result of fear.

Realized I never documented our lovely afternoon in London, during the last day of our April trio to Paris. Looking at these photos made me smile and are a happy distraction from the current bonkers state of affairs.

After a morning at the farmer’s market in Bastille, an incredible brunch at Holly Belly and delicious hot chocolate from Angelina (photos below) we said goodbye to our beautiful hotel and taxi’d to the train station.  I try to be pretty organized with travel, but I somehow messed up our departure time in my head-by a half hour.  I didn’t realize this until we were  at the station-thankfully, we still somehow made the train. We enjoyed our farmer’s market spoils with a delicious train picnic of Brie, goat cheese, baguettes, and strawberries. And soon we were in London!

Katie was adorable and met us at Platform 9 3/4s at Kings Cross.  After a short tube ride, we arrived at Katie and Kevin’s flat, perfectly located smack in the middle of central London.  I can’t describe the thrill of being in my best friend’s home, sitting in her living room in-London!-excitedly talking about her forthcoming novel, Wing Jones. We could have easily been in our living room in Irvine, 20 years earlier, day dreaming about growing up and having a conversation like that.  And now it’s actually happening! Can’t wait till the book release  in March.

We took a beautiful Sunday walk through Regents Park, just steps away from her flat.  The trees and flowers were starting to bloom and the lighting was magical.

After our walk, we jumped across the street to a pub for a proper Sunday roast with Katie and Kevin’s amazing friends. It was a beautiful day!


Earlier that day-in Paris :)

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Summer Solstice

Happy longest day of the year/start to summer!

 We stayed close to home this weekend-this is an old photo from last year’s trip to Big Sur. Hope to make it back there some time this summer :)

We had our first friends over this weekend! Terry and Julie were visiting family and they came over Friday night. It was so nice to start the weekend laughing with our awesome friends and to be together in our new home.  I’m so grateful they made the trip as it’s always a treat to see them.

On Saturday, I drove to the Penninsula for book club in San Mateo.  Heather made an amaaaazing tart and we picked our next book. This month’s book was Go Set a Watchman-I tried to lisent to it but couldn’t get into it.  Looking forward to Thrive.

On my way back, I met up with Adri for dinner in downtown Pleasanton. Adri’s moving back to Charlottesville in a few weeks, so I’m very grateful she took some time before her move to hang out and sip some California wine before she moves to another gorgeous wine corner.

Yesterday was quiet-I’m enjoying our new routine of Sunday mornings at the farmer’s market and Trader Joe’s to prep for a big Sunday dinner (last night David made bolognese).  Sure, it makes me feel kind of old and boring but it is such a nice way to wind down and prepare for the week, I think I’m ok with it. 

Oh! One more thing. My favorite discovery this weekend:

 Ali Wong: Baby Cobra. When we saw Jason over Memorial Day Weekend, he highly recommended it, and I totally forgot about it until this weekend. AMAZING. I could not stop laughing. I ended up listening to her interview with Marc Maron and loved hearing her talk about the importance of her UCLA friends, her tribe, and how much they mean to her. Warning-her Netflix special is incredibly vulgar-but beyond any of that, there’s so much material there that’s clever and relatable. Anyone who can write a gut-busting joke about a TI-83 calculator is a) a genius and b) clearly has her pulse on the awkward nostalgia of my generation.

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Consider this an effort in compartmentalizing to stay sane. I’m too sad and don’t have the right words for this weekend. For this moment, going pray for the loss and try to think of some beautiful moments.  As Mr. Miranda reminded us, remembrances of hope and love last, so trying to remember some lovely moments.

After traveling the last two weekends it was nice to have a quieter weekend at home. On Saturday night, we put on our party-casual best and headed downtown to celebrate the grand opening of The Sycamore, TenSpace’s new event space.

 It was a pretty summer evening and so cool to see the updated space. It’s a rather large venue and the artist managed to tie together the Sycamore theme throughout the space’s discrete nooks. It was exciting to turn the corner and see new paintings and installations, all aimed at bringing together the California vintage rustic cabin look.

Also, there was dancing!

And delicious dessert :)

Beyond impressed by all the artists who put their all into pulling together an incredible venue in a very short time.  Looking forward to seeing the space get used for celebrations and gatherings in the future.

In need of a good walk, some fresh air and head clearing, on Sunday, we checked out the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge.

It was a good loop and thankfully still pretty green.

Hoping for a peaceful week of healing ahead.

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