Breakfast with best friends 

You know how one of the best parts about college was waking up, not really having anything to do, and gossiping for hours in the dorms over breakfast?
This weekend I had the special treat of not one but TWO leisurely-hang out for hours in PJs and drink tea-and gossip-breakfasts with my best friends.

Friday night, we stayed at the Stevens’ after an awesome dinner at Monks Cellar in Sacramento. Saturday morning, Molly made a delicious fruit salad and we just hung out and caught up over tea and coffee cake. It’s a hundred times easier to get together with friends for dinner and drinks, but as I’ve said before, I think my favorite hang out is breakfast. Bagels and coffee, tea and cake, friends and great conversation-what’s better than that?

Later that day, David dropped me off at SMF and after a pretty easy-but late arriving-flight, I was in DC! 

It was encouraging to see the snow on the Sierras.

I stayed at Katie and Daves, which meant in the morning, I got to hang out with…

Parker! He’s even bigger and squirmier and almost-crawling-ier than when I saw him in February. Katie made cinnamon rolls and we sat at her table and talked for hours. It was SO nice! I miss her so much, but so grateful for these trips and the chance to see sweet Parker (and Grover :)).

Later that morning, I scooted over to DC for a very interesting policy symposium. It was a pretty packed few days, but I managed to go for a long walk last night on the Mall.

The monuments looked beautiful and I was reminded of how much I love this city.

It was pretty neat to start Primary Day in DC, with all the hype and anxiety over the outcome, and land in California, to the happy election news.


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