Consider this an effort in compartmentalizing to stay sane. I’m too sad and don’t have the right words for this weekend. For this moment, going pray for the loss and try to think of some beautiful moments.  As Mr. Miranda reminded us, remembrances of hope and love last, so trying to remember some lovely moments.

After traveling the last two weekends it was nice to have a quieter weekend at home. On Saturday night, we put on our party-casual best and headed downtown to celebrate the grand opening of The Sycamore, TenSpace’s new event space.

 It was a pretty summer evening and so cool to see the updated space. It’s a rather large venue and the artist managed to tie together the Sycamore theme throughout the space’s discrete nooks. It was exciting to turn the corner and see new paintings and installations, all aimed at bringing together the California vintage rustic cabin look.

Also, there was dancing!

And delicious dessert :)

Beyond impressed by all the artists who put their all into pulling together an incredible venue in a very short time.  Looking forward to seeing the space get used for celebrations and gatherings in the future.

In need of a good walk, some fresh air and head clearing, on Sunday, we checked out the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge.

It was a good loop and thankfully still pretty green.

Hoping for a peaceful week of healing ahead.

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