Summer Solstice

Happy longest day of the year/start to summer!

 We stayed close to home this weekend-this is an old photo from last year’s trip to Big Sur. Hope to make it back there some time this summer :)

We had our first friends over this weekend! Terry and Julie were visiting family and they came over Friday night. It was so nice to start the weekend laughing with our awesome friends and to be together in our new home.  I’m so grateful they made the trip as it’s always a treat to see them.

On Saturday, I drove to the Penninsula for book club in San Mateo.  Heather made an amaaaazing tart and we picked our next book. This month’s book was Go Set a Watchman-I tried to lisent to it but couldn’t get into it.  Looking forward to Thrive.

On my way back, I met up with Adri for dinner in downtown Pleasanton. Adri’s moving back to Charlottesville in a few weeks, so I’m very grateful she took some time before her move to hang out and sip some California wine before she moves to another gorgeous wine corner.

Yesterday was quiet-I’m enjoying our new routine of Sunday mornings at the farmer’s market and Trader Joe’s to prep for a big Sunday dinner (last night David made bolognese).  Sure, it makes me feel kind of old and boring but it is such a nice way to wind down and prepare for the week, I think I’m ok with it. 

Oh! One more thing. My favorite discovery this weekend:

 Ali Wong: Baby Cobra. When we saw Jason over Memorial Day Weekend, he highly recommended it, and I totally forgot about it until this weekend. AMAZING. I could not stop laughing. I ended up listening to her interview with Marc Maron and loved hearing her talk about the importance of her UCLA friends, her tribe, and how much they mean to her. Warning-her Netflix special is incredibly vulgar-but beyond any of that, there’s so much material there that’s clever and relatable. Anyone who can write a gut-busting joke about a TI-83 calculator is a) a genius and b) clearly has her pulse on the awkward nostalgia of my generation.

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