Friday thoughts-Britain

Before falling asleep last night, I checked the Brexit results.  Like the rest of the world, I was shocked and deeply dismayed to see the decision.  As a citizen of the world, it’s troubling to see an entire nation–in the year 2016–elect to retreat until isolationism as a result of fear.

Realized I never documented our lovely afternoon in London, during the last day of our April trio to Paris. Looking at these photos made me smile and are a happy distraction from the current bonkers state of affairs.

After a morning at the farmer’s market in Bastille, an incredible brunch at Holly Belly and delicious hot chocolate from Angelina (photos below) we said goodbye to our beautiful hotel and taxi’d to the train station.  I try to be pretty organized with travel, but I somehow messed up our departure time in my head-by a half hour.  I didn’t realize this until we were  at the station-thankfully, we still somehow made the train. We enjoyed our farmer’s market spoils with a delicious train picnic of Brie, goat cheese, baguettes, and strawberries. And soon we were in London!

Katie was adorable and met us at Platform 9 3/4s at Kings Cross.  After a short tube ride, we arrived at Katie and Kevin’s flat, perfectly located smack in the middle of central London.  I can’t describe the thrill of being in my best friend’s home, sitting in her living room in-London!-excitedly talking about her forthcoming novel, Wing Jones. We could have easily been in our living room in Irvine, 20 years earlier, day dreaming about growing up and having a conversation like that.  And now it’s actually happening! Can’t wait till the book release  in March.

We took a beautiful Sunday walk through Regents Park, just steps away from her flat.  The trees and flowers were starting to bloom and the lighting was magical.

After our walk, we jumped across the street to a pub for a proper Sunday roast with Katie and Kevin’s amazing friends. It was a beautiful day!


Earlier that day-in Paris :)

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