Beach + Quiet Sunday

Friday morning, my office was appropriately buzzing about Brexit and just the general state of the world.  My colleague Vanessa shared a newsletter, with advice that this was a good weekend to remove social media and try to unplug.  I definitely did not make it all weekend, but removed it Friday afternoon-Saturday evening.  Took a similar social media fast for most of the day last Sunday and I really think it helps.

The heat rose to the triple digits in Stockton this weekend, so David and I planned a beach day to cool off. Saturday morning, we picked up sandwiches and potato salad from Gian’s Deli for a beach picnic.  Their focaccia bread and roasted red peppers perfectly cradle the sandwich and the result is delicious.  We hit a lot of traffic in Half Moon Bay, but the rest of the drive was easy.

Currently reading and loving Eligible, by Curtis Sittenfeld.  When I read she wrote a Pride and Prejudice update, my initial instinct that it sounded gimmicky quickly  dissipated-if anyone could do that right it’s Sittenfeld.  Thoroughly enteratained so far. In the words of Stefon, this book has EVERYTHING: slights at tech bros, Obamacare references, and a hilarious love story between a modern day Liz Bennett and FW Darcy.

A Half Moon Bay trip is kind of a dice roll-it’s a long drive, and even if it’s sweltering in the Central Valley, it can still be foggy and cold at the beach.  Thankfully, the weather was beautiful.

I love the beach tug-of-war: laying down a towel and preparing for the progressive afternoon rush of watching the tide rise, and inching back along the sand to avoid the rising water.  The waves are so powerful at HMB-and the water so cold-that a monster wave crash can lead to the most refreshing mist, hitting you just as you start to feel a bit warm.

Later that afternoon, we met up with the Hualgars and the Wojos at Hop Dogma Brewing Company. It’s been a while since we were all together and it felt so nice to see them again. And especially fun to see Georgia! How does she get CUTER? Every time we see her, we’re amazed.
Georgia and jiu jiu Jon!

Later that evening, back in Stockton, we walked to the Mile for ice cream. It was still warm, but breezy, as the sun set.

Yesterday, we slipped into what’s becoming a very nice Sunday routine: farmer’s market, Trader Joe’s, gym, big Sunday dinner.

As reluctant as I am to post photos of food (I just don’t seem to capture them well), have to document this one to remember for the future. David made it and it was some sort of chicken with mushrooms and sherry sauce-just delicious!
Sending good thoughts for the week ahead.

Also, this photo made me smile this am :)

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