The world certainly doesn’t need for more meme circulation, and I’m cringing a bit as I post the above,  but it’s just too spot on.  Like most women between 20-70, I’m a grade A, all-star worrier.  Ever since turning 30 I’ve really honed my craft.  I can out-worry the best of them.  It’s all absurd, I know, but so hard to control. I remember the elders Dr. Pillemer interviews in his incredible book talking about how, towards the end of their life, their biggest regret is all the time wasted worrying.

This is so obvious and I’m so aware, but man, it’s tough to not to fall into worry spiral! Thank goodness for lavender essential oils and sleep meditation apps :)

Anyway, tomorrow, David and I have plans to kick off the holiday weekend at Pinecrest Lake. I’m excited to unplug, recharge, hike and get out of my head a little bit. Unfortunately, have a bit of a sore throat, so gulping down ginger-honey-lemon tea, resting tonight and hoping for the best.

The other thing the Internet doesn’t need more of? iPhone photos of deconstructed cold remedies-but the colors were so pretty! I just couldn’t resist.
Happy almost-holiday weekend!

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