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Your weekly cry…

Presented by the incredible Jerry Emmett:

Couldn’t even read her quote to David without totally breaking down in tears. What a beautiful moment. Feeling hopeful and inspired her grit and grace. (Jerry! And Hillary, too :)). And for some more tears…

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Quick Pinecrest Getaway

Currently at the airport in Sacramento, hoping to board a plane to Irvine…about 48 hours after my original departure. #MakeAmericaLateAgain. This Southwest system outage is unreal. Never have I ever seen anything like this. It’s now 2 days after the original cancelled flight and the airport is a total mess.  Unbelievable how disorganized the airline is-and I’ve always been such a Southwest fan!

So, instead of focusing on this circus, wanted to remember our quick 4th of July trip to Pinecrest.

(Update: that flight ended up also being cancelled.  Never made it to Irvine! Not cool, Southwest….)

Anyways, a few days before 4th of July weekend, I realized I had requested the Friday off but never made a plan for the weekend. On a whim, David and I decided to call Pinecrest Lake to see if they had any rooms left-and they did! So we made a plan for a mini-getaway on Friday before the 4th.

Pinecrest is about an hour and 40 minutes from us in the Stanislaus mountains. Before hitting the road, we stopped by Gian’s for picnic provisions, and drove straight to the lake.

Since it was a Friday afternoon, it wasn’t too crowded, and we got a shady spot on the sand. The lake was beautiful and SO BLUE.

If given a choice between mountains or ocean, I’m prettttty sure I’ll pick ocean, but Pinecrest makes me less certain. The mountain was so green, and the air so fresh, and it felt incredibly calming to walk around and admire the trees.

Our room was right next to the lake. In the evening, we grabbed our books and rented a motor boat. Reading in the late afternoon sun in the middle of a gorgeous lake?? Amazing!For dinner, we picked up corn and bratwurst and grilled a picnic dinner.  The motel has BBQs and picnic tables in front, which made it super easy. When the sun set the stars were incredible.

The next morning, we woke up and moved our car to beach parking. Jotting this down to remember to do that if we go again on the 4th-it worked out well-the parking fills up! There’s a nice hike around the lake with pretty spectacular views. During the hike, I kept daydreaming…maybe someday we’ll rent a house for the week…I can do this hike every morning and then enjoy coffee on the cabin deck overlooking the water… It’s fun to think about. If I felt so relaxed after one day, can’t imagine what a week could do!

After a few hours of reading and beach time, we headed home.

On the way, we stopped at Twain Harte, at  The Rock of Twain Harte.  An excellent little pub with incredible sandwiches.  All in all, an easy and super relaxing 24 hourish getaway!

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A small, beautiful, hurting world 

Thinking about Turkey and Nice. My understanding of foreign policy is much weaker than my grasp on domestic issues, but it is all horrifying. Following my new favorite  thinker, Anne-Marie Slaughter, to try and understand. Vox’s reports are also super helpful.

Without anything to contribute to the conversation, other than sadness, trying to think of the beauty of Istanbul. Four years ago, David and I spent Thanksgiving in Istanbul. It was a dizzingly incredible city.

I remember boarding the Turkish Airlines flight, giddy with excitement. It was the first time David and I were flying across the Atlantic together, and I was SO excited to take such a big trip. 

When we arrived at the Osmanhan, our hotel in Sultanahmet, Fatih, the manager, greeted us warmly and welcomed us to the city. I don’t generally remember hotel managers, but he was so kind and helpful throughout the trip.

We started each morning with an incredible breakfast on the hotel’s roof deck, looking out at the Bosphorus. The view, the perfect tomatoes and cheese, the cool morning air-it’s one of those scenes that you tuck away to remember when stressed or wanting a vacation. 

Although it was November, the city was packed. It truly felt like a crossroads for the world-so many different languages and cultures, everywhere we went.

I remember actually feeling a little overwhelmed at Taxsim Square. So many people out, enjoying a Friday night. It was crowded! We ended up finding a rooftop bar, and I remember feeling fancy as we drank Pilsners and ate popcorn, looking out at the city (isn’t it random the memories that stick? I really remember the popcorn. And a lively birthday dinner at the table next to us).

The Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque and all of Sultanahmet…all incredible. Thinking about all the history and turmoil they’ve witnessed. They’re still standing, incredibly magnificent. 

Hoping for a peaceful end to this current chaos and praying for those who are hurting.

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Year 2!

Two years ago today, we were…

getting ready…

taking photos…

walking down the aisle…


and getting a little emotional…

listening to our amazing officiant…

and a beautiful, moving reading…

exchanging vows and rings…


and first kissing…


as husband and wife!


Cheers to all the overwhelming excitement, reality, and joy of that day! Feeling incredibly grateful today and always :)


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Almost anniversary weekend

Hello, Monday! Have a quick moment to jot down some memories from the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, we drove to Christie and Andrew’s for brunch with Molly and Eric. Christie is AMAZING! She threw an incredible small shower for Molly, complete with balloons, cupcakes and absolutely incredible food. It was a delight to catch up and celebrate one of my first and favorite college friends. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

With plans in the East Bay on Saturday and the South Bay on Sunday, we initially planned to just drive back and forth.  It’s certainly doable, but also certainly time consuming. I found a great deal for a hotel in SF on HotelTonight, so we decided to make it into an impromptu trip.

The weather was spectacular! Crystal clear and sunny. Saturday night, we met up with the Bress Officiant Ever and Katie for dinner in the Mission. Incredible company, the restaurant… I won’t write the name, but it put a new spin on small plates Japanese food. What we tried was delicious, but definitely appetizers and not dinner. Ugh, isn’t it the worst when you pick the restaurant and it ends up being a total let down?

Food aside, it was awesome to catch up with our friends. And, special to hang out with our officiant and reminisce about the wedding!

Sunday, we drove down the Mountain Vew for Jon’s surprise birthday.  Melissa picked a perfect restaurant and planned everything so thoughtfully. 

And now-another week begins! 

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