Quick Pinecrest Getaway

Currently at the airport in Sacramento, hoping to board a plane to Irvine…about 48 hours after my original departure. #MakeAmericaLateAgain. This Southwest system outage is unreal. Never have I ever seen anything like this. It’s now 2 days after the original cancelled flight and the airport is a total mess.  Unbelievable how disorganized the airlineContinue reading “Quick Pinecrest Getaway”

A small, beautiful, hurting world 

Thinking about Turkey and Nice. My understanding of foreign policy is much weaker than my grasp on domestic issues, but it is all horrifying. Following my new favorite  thinker, Anne-Marie Slaughter, to try and understand. Vox’s reports are also super helpful. Without anything to contribute to the conversation, other than sadness, trying to think of the beauty of Istanbul.Continue reading “A small, beautiful, hurting world “