Almost anniversary weekend

Hello, Monday! Have a quick moment to jot down some memories from the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, we drove to Christie and Andrew’s for brunch with Molly and Eric. Christie is AMAZING! She threw an incredible small shower for Molly, complete with balloons, cupcakes and absolutely incredible food. It was a delight to catch up and celebrate one of my first and favorite college friends. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

With plans in the East Bay on Saturday and the South Bay on Sunday, we initially planned to just drive back and forth.  It’s certainly doable, but also certainly time consuming. I found a great deal for a hotel in SF on HotelTonight, so we decided to make it into an impromptu trip.

The weather was spectacular! Crystal clear and sunny. Saturday night, we met up with the Bress Officiant Ever and Katie for dinner in the Mission. Incredible company, the restaurant… I won’t write the name, but it put a new spin on small plates Japanese food. What we tried was delicious, but definitely appetizers and not dinner. Ugh, isn’t it the worst when you pick the restaurant and it ends up being a total let down?

Food aside, it was awesome to catch up with our friends. And, special to hang out with our officiant and reminisce about the wedding!

Sunday, we drove down the Mountain Vew for Jon’s surprise birthday.  Melissa picked a perfect restaurant and planned everything so thoughtfully. 

And now-another week begins! 

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