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Midweek thoughts

Some random thoughts and memories from the last few days…

We had a super quiet weekend and it was wonderful. David and I aren’t really “brunch people.” Somehow in our 20s, when everyone was getting into boozy brunches, Sunday Funday brunches, or even just going to Dunkin Donuts for bagels and coffee we were…making breakfast burritos and hanging out at home? So boring! Maybe because we were students for so long, I always mentally registered brunch as an unnecessary extravagance-both financially and time wise.  Why schlep to a restaurant for eggs and juice when David makes a great breakfast? I always liked the social aspect of brunch with friends, but we never got into brunch just the two of us.

Anyway, all this to say that this weekend we went to brunch not once but TWICE. So fancy! Saturday morning we walked over to House of Shaw for bagels and rich vanilla chai lattes.  Simple and delicious. 

The next day we met up with friends at Market Tavern for a decadent Sunday brunch. We split French toast, short rib poutine, chilaquiles…and more. Naps were necessary Sunday afternoon. 

So, yay brunch! It was a nice weekend treat.

Saturday night the weather cooled down and we went to Banner Island Park for my first Ports Game.

The rest of the weekend was spent curled up on the couch reading the latest Emily Giffin book. Much more intense than her previous books. The theme of loss and grief drives the plot and it felt good to just zone out with it Saturday afternoon. Wish it didn’t take her so long to write her next books! 

I’m starting to think about fall travel and daydreaming about an East Coast trip. I was reading about this place and I’m super interested-a French Eataly? Sounds delicious.

Also, in search of a new book. Tried reading My Name is Lucy Barton, but I can’t seem to get into it. (Surprising as I loved The Burgess Boys). Also recently checked out Blackout after hearing it’s amazing-and I like Sarah Hepola’s writing. Haven’t started it yet. Listened to Terri Gross’ interview with J.D. Vance and I’m curious about Hillbilly Elegy. 

Ok, time to end this drivel and get started on the day…so close to the weekend :)

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Point Reyes Weekend

It’s Wednesday morning and I keep thinking about how much I want to go back to the beach! Last Friday, we drove up to Point Reyes to meet up with friends for the weekend.  It was wonderful.  We rented a big, rambling, funnnnky house in Inverness and hunkered down for a relaxing weekend.

And the babies joined, too! Georgia and Isla were adorable and so impressively calm and chill with all the people, personalities, noise and verrryyyyy interesting art work through the house.

One of the many things I admire about my friends is how incredibly organized everyone is. Zac prepped a google doc with all the meals, and grocery shopped for all the food, so once we were at the house everyone could just take it easy.  Everyone cooks one meal for the weekend, and all the food is delicious! I love these noisy, boisterous, laughter-filled dinners.


The sounds of actual, real, live ROOSTERS crowing served as an alarm Saturday.  When I went upstairs to the kitchen, everyone was gathered around hanging and chatting.  And the homeowner brought over a loaf of homemade bread and eggs from his chickens!

Jon made a beautiful and equally delicious tortilla espanola for breakfast. SO GOOD.

After breakfast we drove into the little town for the Point Reyes Farmers Market.  Totally charming.

We purchased more Cowgirl Creamery cheese for dinner and drove to the Visitors Center for a walk around the Earthquake Trail before driving to Limantour Beach.

Beach tents are the WORST.  Have you ever been to the beach and watched someone casually set up a beach tent? I feel like it’s always a windy, sand swept, stressful disaster.

But the beach was beautiful!  We stayed for a short time while before someone mentioned and sandwich and suddenly we were all hungry.  Back to Inverness we went, straight to the Inverness Park Market for absolutely incredible sandwiches.

Yasser wanted to check out the oyster farm, so we drove over to Tomales Bay.  Apparently there has been some local controversy with people picnicking, so all the picnic tables were tied up.  But with that beautiful scenery and the fresh oysters, people are still finding a way to enjoy the afternoon :)

Back at the house for happy hour, we dug into that decadent Cowgirl Creamery cheese (my two favorites: 1) Mt. Tam, 2) Wagon Wheel), and Yasser prepped a beautiful looking oyster tray.

Pretty soon it was Sunday morning and time to pack up and say goodbye. Not quite ready to leave magical Point Reyes, David and I drove over to Tomales Point State Park, to Heart’s Desire beach.  It was cold and foggy when we arrived, but after about a while the sun came out.  We got there early–around 10:30–and tons of families had already staked out picnic tables and were setting up elaborate lunches and drinks. I would love to go back with a proper picnic and spend more time at the beach.

Sending good thoughts for a good Wednesday!

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Wednesday Thoughts + The Weekend

My book club is reading Arianna Huffington’s Thrive, and I’m about halfway through.  It’s essentially a manifesto against our addiction to smartphones and a primer on how to become more wise and calm through meditation, gratitude, and sleep.  Sounds great, right? Though, oddly enough, I think reading it is makes me more anxious and sleepless. Last night, I wasn’t feeling well and decided to read a chapter before bed.  After reading study after study about how screen time and sleeplessness is wreaking havoc on our bodies and minds, I ended up sleeping terribly!

Anyway, had to take a sick day today (can’t actually blame the book, been feeling lousy/summer cold-y in general) and stayed home. Tried to just rest and stay off-line most of the day.  When I did go on-line–good grief! It’s like every day this election gets more and more bananas.

On a much brighter note, wanted to remember some happy moments from this weekend.

Saturday night we went downtown for Emily and Jared’s beautiful wedding.  The incredible couple have been renovating a live-work studio space, and they hosted the wedding in their home.  It was spectacular.  I remember taking a peak back in November, and the progress they’ve made building and lovingly developing the space into a home and studio is truly inspiring.

After delicious tacos and mingling (around gorgeous tables Jared designed and built) the wedding ceremony began.  In lieu of a scripted ceremony, they invited four of their closest friends to give testimony as to why they should or should not get married. While each speech demonstrated their deep love for each other, equally impressive was the shared reflection on how being together makes them better.  There was a real sense of their commitment to building a better life together–underscored by the fact we were literally sitting in a magical place they’ve built together! It was very special.  And in one of the sweetest moments I’ve witnessed in a wedding, before Emily began her vows, she grinned into the microphone and said, “I’m having so much fun!” You could feel her joy and the love between the couple resonated throughout the room.

We took it easy on Sunday and decided to check out the Obon Festival at the Stockton Buddhist Temple.  The performance by Sacramento Taiko Dan was memorizing.  Every time I watch Taiko drumming, I can’t get over the intense physicality of the art.  The festival food was delicious, too!

One last photo from the wedding :)  Now, back to bed.  Hoping to feel better before this weekend.  I’ve been craaaaaving a beach weekend and we’re meeting up with friends in Point Reyes-can’t wait to see the ocean.

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Janou + Max

My sister is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max proposed on Saturday on a walk in An Torr, Glencoe in the Scottish highlands! It is the happiest news!!

Max is a sneaky secret planner and he flew down to Irvine a few weeks ago to talk to my parents. And then a few days before their trip, he called David and told him. I LOVE that Max put so much thought into making this a sweet surprise for beautiful Janou. 

They’ve been celebrating in the Lake District in the UK and are soon heading to London to see Katie.  It is so romantic and such a wonderful adventure for two of the best people. So much joy!!!

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Helloooo August. I feel like it was just spring and we were just moving, and now it’s the last official month of summer.  

I spent the weekend in Irvine with my parents and realized I’ve hardly been to the beach this summer. We did drive down to watch the sunset last night and it was beautiful.  Looking forward to a wedding this weekend and hoping to take advantage of more beach and pool time in August :)

The best part of this August Monday? The US cover reveal of Katie’s book!!!!!!


Those gorgeous pastel colors! And seeing Katie’s name up in lights! Absolutely thrilling:)

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