Wednesday Thoughts + The Weekend

My book club is reading Arianna Huffington’s Thrive, and I’m about halfway through.  It’s essentially a manifesto against our addiction to smartphones and a primer on how to become more wise and calm through meditation, gratitude, and sleep.  Sounds great, right? Though, oddly enough, I think reading it is makes me more anxious and sleepless. Last night, I wasn’t feeling well and decided to read a chapter before bed.  After reading study after study about how screen time and sleeplessness is wreaking havoc on our bodies and minds, I ended up sleeping terribly!

Anyway, had to take a sick day today (can’t actually blame the book, been feeling lousy/summer cold-y in general) and stayed home. Tried to just rest and stay off-line most of the day.  When I did go on-line–good grief! It’s like every day this election gets more and more bananas.

On a much brighter note, wanted to remember some happy moments from this weekend.

Saturday night we went downtown for Emily and Jared’s beautiful wedding.  The incredible couple have been renovating a live-work studio space, and they hosted the wedding in their home.  It was spectacular.  I remember taking a peak back in November, and the progress they’ve made building and lovingly developing the space into a home and studio is truly inspiring.

After delicious tacos and mingling (around gorgeous tables Jared designed and built) the wedding ceremony began.  In lieu of a scripted ceremony, they invited four of their closest friends to give testimony as to why they should or should not get married. While each speech demonstrated their deep love for each other, equally impressive was the shared reflection on how being together makes them better.  There was a real sense of their commitment to building a better life together–underscored by the fact we were literally sitting in a magical place they’ve built together! It was very special.  And in one of the sweetest moments I’ve witnessed in a wedding, before Emily began her vows, she grinned into the microphone and said, “I’m having so much fun!” You could feel her joy and the love between the couple resonated throughout the room.

We took it easy on Sunday and decided to check out the Obon Festival at the Stockton Buddhist Temple.  The performance by Sacramento Taiko Dan was memorizing.  Every time I watch Taiko drumming, I can’t get over the intense physicality of the art.  The festival food was delicious, too!

One last photo from the wedding :)  Now, back to bed.  Hoping to feel better before this weekend.  I’ve been craaaaaving a beach weekend and we’re meeting up with friends in Point Reyes-can’t wait to see the ocean.

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