Yosemite Camping

A few months ago, Lauren mentioned they had an extra spot at their campsite in Yosemite, and would we like to go?

Absolutely yes!! 

Silvia kindly lent us a bunch of gear and after grabbing Gian’s sandwiches for a car picnic, we were on the road Friday afternoon.  We arrived in the early evening and got settled in.

Lauren mentioned that she would do a food shop, so not to worry about meals, but OH MY GOODNESS did she prepare for this trip. She spent a day prepping snacks and meals and she fed a group of seven all weekend. Lauren’s generosity was amazing and I’m so grateful for everything she did to make camping so nice.

Friday night she made sangria and tarragon-dill salmon with cucumber-tomato salad. Delicous. After that feast, we gathered around the fire for smores :)

The next morning, after coffee, cakes and oatmeal, we drove down to the valley to catch the bus up to Glacier Point.  The view was gorgeous.

From there, the group began a 9 mile hike back down to the valley along the Panorama Trail. 

Good for them! Not feeling up for a daylong hike, I took the bus back down and had a delightfully relaxing afternoon waking through the valley. I capped off the afternoon with a refreshing drink and a good book in the gorgeous Awahnee Hotel lobby.
Back at the camp, we enjoyed delicious quesadillas around the fire before tucking in early for the night.

The next morning Matty and Lauren prepared a delicious breakfast by the fire.

After coffee and breakfast burritos we packed up camp and drove down the road to Tioga Grove.

From there, we drove northeast, up the mountain, to Tenaya Lake.

This was my favorite part of the weekend.  The water was crystal clear and sparkly, the lake quiet and empty, and it was all surrounded by stunning trees and fresh, mountain air.

Thank you for planning such a great weekend, Lauren! 

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