Hello, Friday :)

Hello almost weekend! Friday’s are always the best but this Friday I’m particularly happy thinking about my mom-happy birthday Mom! Wish we could all celebrate together in person, but toasting to you, sending love, and thinking of that beautiful Crystal Cove view :)

We had a bit of a fall teaser here-just a few days of cooler, windy weather-and it made me so eager for more fall and rain. 

David’s buddy Jason is visiting for the weekend. He’s our first actual visitor! It was fun to get the guest room ready last night and actually have a place for guests.

This weekend was super quiet which was wonderful since the previous two weeks were packed. Can’t wait to write more about our trip to the South, Alex and Rebecca’s absolutely gorgeous wedding, and my week in DC.

On Sunday, I’m driving to Burlingame for book club. This month we read articles instead of a book. Have you read this story about Irvine? I started scrolling through it on my phone the other night while getting ready for bed and an hour later I was still in my work clothes, just sitting there, completely gripped by the story. Incredibly well written, totally eye-popping.

Speaking of books, last week I read Catherine Newman’s Catastrophic Happiness. It was such a comforting, joyful and FUNNY book. I found myself snapping passages to re-read again later.

Alright, time to get started on the day. Sending good thoughts for a restful, nice weekend :)

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