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Good morning, Wednesday! Taking a quick trip back in time a few weeks to Alex and Rebecca’s beautiful wedding. 

After Asheville, we arrived in Greensboro on Saturday afternoon. We stayed at the O. Henry Hotel and it was gorgeous. Built in modern times (late 90s) but fashioned in a classic style with Craftsman features, it was an absolute treat.

Alex’s parents threw an incredible rehearsal dinner. They even brought in Diddy Riese cookies for ice cream sandwiches! 

David and I started the next day with a decadent southern breakfast at the hotel. The rest of the day, he was at the farm with the groomsman and I caught up on work at the hotel. One of my favorite parts about traveling is relaxing at pretty hotels, and it was nice to spend the day in the room…and order room service lunch… :) before the wedding.

Soon it was time to put on the James Taylor Pandora station (felt appropriate) and get ready for Alex and Rebecca’s ceremony!  

The rabbi from Rebecca’s family’s congregation led the ceremony under an incredible tree at Summerfield Farms. The weather was perfect and it was positively thrilling to see two incredible people commit to each other and to marriage. Rebecca was a stunningly beautiful bride. I loved seeing Alex watch his beautiful bride walk down the aisle. I wish I had more photos!

Cocktail hour was on the patio of the barn, overlooking the farm. Alex’s dad concocted the signature drink for the evening-the GSO 8. GSO, for Greensboro, 8 for their two families coming together. And it was delicious! I wish I could remember combination-I think it was tequila, a splash of St. Germain, lime juice, and…something else? 

One thing that struck me that evening was total admiration toward Alex and Rebecca’s beautiful community of family and friends. Many people were just meeting for the first time and were from all over-CA, DC, NC, Europe. But everyone seemed to click and get along, joining together in a joyful celebration of two good people. It’s certainly a reflection of Alex and Rebecca-they are phenomenally kind, thoughtful and genuine people. During his toast, Rebecca’s dad described this as their powerful sense of Ubuntu (I hope I remembered the right word!)  which basically means their impressive humanity toward others. I certainly felt it that evening and it was beautiful.

Also, so much joy!! 

The flowers, the table settings, the food, the DESSERT FIKA-all of it was so pretty. 

How beautiful is Rebecca? And her dress? The rest of the evening we danced, and danced, and danced. I wasn’t drinking that night, and assumed that the no drinking would lead to no dancing on my end. But the room was buzzing with so much joy and energy, we got super into dancing and had an absolute blast. SO FUN!

It was a beautiful evening! So happy to celebrate two of the best!! 

The next morning we slept in and David left for the airport to head back to Stockton. I had an evening flight to DC, and thankfully, the hotel gave me a generous late check out! It was nice to have the day to do work. I took a break that afternoon for afternoon tea at the hotel lobby. I wish I could beam myself back to that comfy leather sofa, and relax with some creamy English breakfast tea and a butter scone. It was heavenly. 

The timing of the NC trip worked out well with a last minute DC trip for work. And in evenings, I got to see some of my favorite people!

Max was in town at the same time, and on  Tuesday I got to join the newly engaged couple for dinner. I LOVE seeing them together, and am so excited for them!

Wednesday night, I met up with Shannon and got to meet her daughter!!!

So thrilling to see Shannon as a mom and meet her sweet Evelyn. 

I hope Evelyn gets her mom’s remarkable sense of humor and storytelling abilities-it looks like she’s well on her way :)

Another lucky break? Janou’s amazing friends happened to be throwing her a surprise engagement party the same night! Her friend Kendall planned everything so thoughtfully, down to the gorgeous Mediterranean tapas and appetizers. 

So special to be there and see Max and Janou surrounded by their community of friends who love them. Very happy older sister moment :)

And-Thursday night, I got to see Mr. Parker! Just a few weeks before his first birthday. He is as adorable as ever. Such a happy kid. Katie and Dave got pizza and it felt so nice to just relax in their living room and catch up. The best part-I get to see Katie again on Friday! So excited. Just two more days until the weekend :)

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