On BART, on the way to the airport, to fly to Katie and Kelleen! Can’t wait to be reunited :)

Other random airport thoughts (aren’t airports just the best place for observing and thinking?):

-Curious: is there any connection between the rise in minimalism/tiny living and airlines charging for luggage? The timing for both lines up with the Recession.  But going through security tonight, seeing people (myself included) juggling the rearrangement of all the THINGS, and carrying all of the STUFF, tracking it all through the conveyer belt, really made me wonder. Before airlines charged for luggage, most travelers could load up their suitcases without a thought, never evaluating whether they really needed that extra pair of shoes, or if they could wing it for a week without their favorite hair dryer. Now, as we all prep for trips with the understanding that yes, there is a limit to how much stuff we can carry (and really, how much we need) maybe, over the last few years, it’s led to more thought and reflection on stuff. Is this a stretch? Probably. But it got me thinking.

-Quick: what are the two scariest words in the English language? Right now, my answer: “Ralph who?”  Turns out, a third of voters 18-29 are saying they plan to vote for a third party candidate in this election. These millennials are just a few years to young to remember the disaster that was Mr. Nader and the results of the 2000 election (a war, economic recession, housing collapse…) This is BEYOND infuriating.  Hoping they get over themselves before November and begin to think about their future and the future of the county.

Ok time to take off!

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