Reunion :)

Happy almost the weekend! And a good rain new year to all! On Monday morning, before Rosh Hashana services, I stopped by Trail downtown for some yummy coffee. It was drizzly, and fall-y, and I was thinking about how excited I was for the new season. Noting the rain, the gentleman behind me in line said, “it’s the beginning of October, it’s officially the start of a new Rain Year.”

So, with the Jewish New Year and the Rain New Year, hoping for a good, sweet, and productive year for all.

Before another weekend begins, want to remember a very happy reunion weekend in Dallas!

One day in June, in a mutual moment of missing each other and our fun times in Baltimore, Kelleen, Katie and I impulsively planned a quick reunion weekend. Knowing Kelleen would be 7+ months pregnant (!!) AND with geography in mind, Dallas made the most sense. I was so excited-I love these two and I love Dallas.

Katie and I flew in Friday night after work. When Kelleen asked us what we wanted to do during the trip, we all felt the same way: just talk and talk and talk and talk.  And that’s what we did!

Saturday morning, we greeted the day with delicious chai lattes and peanut butter sandwiches at Cultivar.

Everywhere we went in Dallas was just so nice. I loved the design of the coffee shops and restaurants-as the guy sitting next to me on the plane said, “Dallas is definitely having a moment.” Not sure what that means, but everywhere we went was bustling and fun.

My favorite part of any friend time is walking and talking. I love talking, and it’s a million times mores enjoyable on a good walk. We walked the Katy Trail, a beautiful loop through Uptown and Highland Park.

After our walk, we grabbed PHENOMENAL tacos at Taco Deli.  And then, it was time to lounge! We just relaxed the rest of the afternoon at Kelleen and Brad’s beautiful home.

Kelleen made reservations at Remedy for dinner in Lower Greenville. The restaurant is a stunning former soda shop, with chandeliers, green accents, art deco mirrors, the whole thing. After a decadent, buttery meal, Katie’s surprised us with an order of incredible ice cream Sundays. I”n still thinking about the one on the left-toasted smore. So good.

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about all week since coming home Sunday. Taking a trip like this is a luxury. It’s doable now, but requires an effort of time and money from everyone.  Soon Kelleen will have a baby, Katie has an amazing one year old, jobs, family and life get demanding, and whenever I leave a friend trip, I always have this slight wonder, like, will we always do this? Be able to just jump on a plane and land in someone’s comfy home, and spend the whole weekend just indulging in that rich conversation you can only have with your dearest friends? In those brief 36 hours, we swapped stories, talked, and unpacked those meddling life questions that you don’t get the opportunity to discuss when you’re just meeting a friend for lunch, or catching up with an acquaintance. It takes time and history, and it’s rare to be together, but so valuable.

I was keenly aware of this all weekend, and it made me treasure our time and these two even more. Katie’s commitment a trip during baby/toddler years inspired me and I hope we continue to make the effort to do these reunion weekends. This sounds dramatic, but it’s true-it’s a luxury, yes, but the time and effort for friend weekends is really an investment for the soul. And I’m just so grateful for these years of friendship!

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