(Hopefully) rainy day

Hello, Friday! It’s supposed to rain today-hooorayyyyy! I woke up this morning and peaked outside, eagerly hoping it rained overnight (it didn’t).  David and I laughed at the absurdity of our rain excitement. Our excitement rivals our old snow day giddiness from when we lived in DC.

Anyway, hoping for some rain. Other fun thoughts, winding down to the weekend…

Ha! Not this year’s pumpkins. I found this old photo-from 2008-and it made me smile. We carved these one weekend when I visited David in Connecticut. That election was such a buzzy, electric moment.  And at the same time, the nation’s economy was unraveling…just as we were going out into the professional world.  Intense. Thankful for the past eight years of progress. Also ps, doesn’t that “bar” of almost-empty bottles peaking out behind the pumpkins just scream post-college apartment?

Anyway, eight years later…what a different election October. No less important than historic 2008, but just..so awfully exhausting.  Have to say, it’s tiring to hear people say they don’t find Hillary as inspiring as Obama. How could you not be inspired by her grit, poise, and integrity, as she thoughtfully debated, despite that monster lurking behind her the whole time

So true.

What else..oh, so Jenny Rosenstratch (the Dinner books) is a genius. We manged to make it through the whole week without going out to eat AND discovered an incredible, easy, delicious soup.

The elevators in our office building are notoriously awful. They take forever.  However, yesterday, I was grateful for the timing. I stepped in, and two strangers were mid-conversation about their caregiving experiences. “It’s just so hard, when you’re stretched with caring, at both ends,” one person said. “I know,” his friend responded, “we’re really in that sandwich generation.”

I wanted to turn to them and say, you’re amazing, you’re not alone, have you heard of this resource, and this tool, and I just think it’s awesome you’re both talking about this and helping each other? But, not wanting to impose, I iust listened, grateful that we live in a time when people are open and supportive with aging challenges. Definitely one of those work-meeting-with-real-life moments.

Oh, and this is random. Last night, I was reading Jessi Klein’s You’ll Grow Out of It, and I turned the page to the next chapter, “The Bachelor.” It was hilarious, just like her book, but it makes me realize what an impression The Bachelor is leaving on my generation(ish).  This is-no joke-the third memoir I’ve read this year where something with the The Bachelor encompasses an entire chapter in the book (see also: Blackout [excellent!] and The Folded Clock [ok]). Maybe I’ll get into it next season? I elbowed my way into our friend’s Bachelor Fantasy League because I didn’t want to be left out of the jokes on the group chat, but I just can’t seem to into the show. We’ll see!

Ohh-train is almost at my office-and…it’s RAINING! Time to go :)

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