Here and there

Hello! Checking in from Katie and Dave’s cozy house in Alexandria. I’m in DC this week and loving the pretty fall colors.

Whenever I’m tempted to quit Instagram or Facebook, I’m always reminded why I can’t-travel deals. I often find out about the best, last minute deals on social media. Case in point: a few weeks ago, I saw a posting about a one day Jet Blue sale with flights from Oakland to Long Beach for $20 each way. How could I not immediately, impulsively, book a weekend at home?

Anyway, thanks to THAT amazing find, David and I had a great weekend in Irvine.  We celebrated David’s birthday, had an increeddddible Saturday night dinner at Provenance, soaked up Saturday’s heat wave at Crystal Cove beach and enjoyed a comfy, rainy day on Sunday.  Unfortunately, my phone completely croaked and I have no photos of the weekend-just happy memories :)

Friday, I took the Metrolink to LA for a meeting and to work out of our LA office. Every time I’m in downtown, I love it even more. And-Union Station is gorgeous! Some overly-filtered photos of that pretty place:

Alright, busy day tomorrow-and then, Friday!

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