Smiling Kris Bryant

Wow-what a day! Been wanting to take a moment to remember the excitement of last night and just now getting the chance.

Hooray for the Cubs!!! What a series! There’s no way I can legitimately claim to be a) an avid Cubs fan or b) even a regular baseball follower. Still, this October even I got pretty into these playoffs and the World Series. 

All to say that last night was awesome. So happy for beautiful Chicago and all the people who love the city and the team. Watching Kris Bryant smiling during that final throw brought indescribable joy. This blurb sums it up:

“I don’t really have anything add to this video of 24-year-old Kris Bryant grinning like an idiot as he made the throw to first to win the World Series, only a sincere wish that everyone reading this gets to experience a moment of similar anticipatory joy in their lives..”


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