Election eve

It’s the Monday before the election. Oh boy. After two weeks of traveling, we took it easy this weekend. This was generally good-I needed some rest-but left ample time for mind wandering and social-media-ing. A perfect recipe for jumpy nerves. Tried to combat it by yoga, long walks, and phone banking. It’s so true-it is much harder to be miserable while being useful. Feeling productive in my PJs, calling people in UT, FL, OH and MI, helped a bit.

Also, just trying to stay focused on deep breaths and gratitude. In that vein…

Feeling grateful for:

Social media:

While this election has certainly brought out the worst side of social media, and I generally hate how much I have to fight myself not to constantly check it, every now and then, there’s a total gem-like this guy-that kind of makes it worth it:

Family time in Irvine and DC:

Feeling pretty lucky that we all got to be together-twice-in the last two weeks. Many happy memories-hoping to recap our Bmore/DC trip soon!

New restaurants moving in Downtown:

David and I returned to Cast Iron Trading Saturday night-it’s just so good. It was energizing to see a restaurant downtown buzzing on a Saturday night. For dessert, we tried their donut brown pudding cupcake and ohhh my word was it good.

Rain and Fall:

It rained a lot the last few weeks of October and now everything feels much more fresh and green. And the leaves are starting to change on our street! So far, fall in Stockton is wayyyyy more enjoyable than summer. Very grateful for the slight seasonal change.

Technology and best friends:

Kelleen is a mom! Merrick Jane joined the world on Halloween! Despite the distance, we all got to hang out last night and meet her. It’s amazing seeing everyone’s lives and families grow. Absolutely beautiful :)

Ooh! Train is arriving. Gotta go!

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