Take a walk

Inspired, as always, by Hillary’s grace and composure, I decided we needed to take a walk. A long walk. When David sent me the photo of Hillary walking in the woods, I immediately began planning an afternoon in Big Trees.  We needed to get outside.

We picked up sandwiches at Gians and made our way the 1.5 drive to Murphys/Big Trees. The fresh air at the higher elevation was restorative. The trees, already magnificent in their height, were even more splendid in the late afternoon light.

Gratitude for our public lands and our Veterans were at the front of my mind, looking out at that beautiful view.

It felt good to walk and reflect. David and I constantly talk about everything, but I’m a true believer that there’s something to be said about walking and talking to truly work through knotty mental tangles. We’ve both been anxious and troubled by Tuesday and it felt so good to talk through it all, totally uninterrupted, outside.

I mean, those trees, just amazing!! The afternoon in the trees and sunshine did wonders. Still incedibly worried and scared, but it was a relief to be surrounded by all that natural beauty.

Driving back, we stopped at the Red Apple for some sweets.

We never made it to Apple Hill this year and I’ve been craving an apple cider donut all fall. The Red Apple donuts are incredible. We each devoured one-and it was so good-we had to split another. After this awful week, it felt good to delight in something so delicious.

Hoping for a peaceful, quiet weekend.

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