Just wanted to jot down some quick memories from the weekend. Like Friday, we spent most of Saturday outside, and it helped a bit to clear the mind.

Saturday morning, we met up with the Dillons at Marina Park for a brunch picnic. I hope we go back again! It was on the water, with ample picnic tables and space. We haven’t done a picnic in a while and it was such a pleasant to start the day.

From there, we took BART to SF and met up with Rebecca and Alex in the Embarcadero.  We walked up to Coit Tower and admired the magnificent views. As glum as I’ve been, it was impossible not to feel a bit better with their comforting company and gorgeous city views.

Eventually, I needed an ice cream break (this has become a nearly daily pregnancy necessity) so we walked over to Swenson’s. A scoop of their chocolate peanut butter + the sunseting on the city made for a delightful perfect afternoon treat.

After ice cream, it was time for dinner! :) We met up with Mr. Bress for an early dinner at Leopolds. Rich, comforting Bavarian food. Around this time last year, David and I were planning our trip to Italy. We ultimately decided on Italy over Germany but we were thiiiiiiiiis close to doing a Bavarian Thanksgiving. Happy we decided on Rome, but sitting in the cozy booth, looking at the overflowing boots of beer and salty pretzels with mustard made me nostalgic for a trip we never took. Does that sound totally bizarre? Anyway, the food was delicious but man! Non-alcoholic beer is SO awful. Those pretzels were calling out for a crisp beer, and whatever I was drinking did not cut it. As always, it was a delight to see Dave and catch up on life.

After goofing off all day Friday and Saturday, we hunkered down at home on Sunday. Angelica had the family over for a delicious birthday brunch for Mia and we spent the rest of the day resting and prepping for the week. And now-only two more days until next weekend!

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