Looking forward to March 

It’s a super crisp, foggy, fall morning and I’m thinking about things to look forward to. I’m in DC this week, and next week we’ll road trip to Irvine to Thanksgiving, and before you know it, it’s the holiday season, New Years, and then… spring. I’m so looking forward to spring. This year should be particularly exciting as David and I will be getting to know our first child!

I’m 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy :) 

I keep thinking about him and chatting with him and dreaming about getting to know him in the future. Feeling incredibly grateful and just hoping we do the right thing with this incredible responsibility.

There’s a lot more I look toward to writing about. It’s wild to think we’re halfway there!

I found out on the 4th of July. Time crawwwwled that first trimester. It was so strange to be so excited about something, not be able to tell anyone and feel so LOUSY. Weeks 7-11 were beyond exhausting. Thankfully, the second trimester has been much better energy and appetite-wise. Oddly, I’ve developed an aversion to bacon and avocado, and I crave dairy (lots of ice cream, cheese and smoothies). A few weeks ago, I got the infamous Snoogle pillow for sleeping, and it helped tremendously. We’ll see how I do this week in DC without it!

Recently, one of our friends asked David and me how we feel. I think David summed it up well: 60% excited, 30% nervous, 10% eeek-can we handle this?? Maybe that’s kind of parenting in general? 

Getting used actually feeling pregnant. It helps that I’m showing now-the bump just kind of popped around 18ish weeks. I got nervous about working out during the first trimester-and I just felt terrible-so that’s something I’ve certainly let slide. Still trying to go for long walks and do yoga when I can. 

Also trying to soak up advice and stories from friends about pregnancy, parenting, the whole thing. I love hearing different experiences and hope to keep learning throughout this journey :)

Sending good thoughts for a good Monday and week ahead!

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