36 hours in Baltimore 

Friday morning, as an icebreaker to a work meeting, we shared one favorite vacation.  “A real vacation is traveling with just my wife,” one person said.  “When our kids join us, then it’s a trip.”

Looking forward to whatever travel, trips and vacations David and I have in the future.  For now, we’re enjoying a few weekends here and there before March.  A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend in Baltimore-one of my favorite cities.  A few memories from that happy vacation.

After working for the week in DC, I stayed with Janou Friday night. It was an exhausting week, so we just ordered Thai, watched the Cubs game and went to be early.  Saturday morning, I met Catherine for brunch at Lupo Verde.
With huge windows overlooking 14th street, the sun drenched the brick filled room. We started with a gorgeous fruit and Nutella sampler and I just couldn’t resist the urge to take photos.


Sensing we were celebrating something (I told Catherine the baby news and she was so sweet and excited) the restaurant surprised us with dessert! The frozen bowl was layered with more Nutella (why not?), hazelnut ice cream, and crunchy toasted walnuts. A beautiful DC fall morning.

I eventually made my way to the train, and on to Baltimore. This was my first trip back to the city since my bachelorette 2.5 years ago. And it’s been almost three years since David and I visited Baltimore together.  Jumping in the cab from the train station, I was surprised by the wave of nostalgia that washed over me.  I knew it would be great to be back, but underestimated how thrilling it would be.

After checking in to the hotel and admiring the amazing view!!) I took a long evening walk around the Harbor.

I remember doing that same loop during the fall, when I first moved to Baltimore nine years ago. During that lonely time, walking and looking at the water would often be the highlight of my day, if not my week.  Very thankful that chapter is over, but also grateful for the solace that beautiful Harbor provided at the time.

Walking back, I picked up at copy of the The Hopefuls at B&N (it was ok…entertaining, but like Girls in White Dresses, the characters were awfully whiny about not-real-problems).

David’s flight arrived that evening and we immediately made our way to my favorite Bmore restaurant: Pub Dog.  With a Mr. Green Jeans Pizza and Big Dog Salad, I was a very happy camper.

After a sentimental walk to Fed Hill park, we capped off the night with a delicious Shake Shack milkshake :)

The next morning, we made our way slightly outside the city to Woodberry Kitchen.  We first discovered Woodberry during one of my mom’s visits years ago and it became the perfect special occasion restaurant.  We celebrated my graduation and David’s there-where I tried a Moscow Mule for the first time! A year’s long love affair with WK and Mules ensued :)  The restaurant is just jaw droppingly gorgeous and brunch was superb.

We light-railed back from the restaurant, stopping in Mount Vernon to admire the pretty park near the original Washington Monument.

Later that afternoon, we took a water taxi to Fell’s Point for some Pitango gelato.

There used to be a Pitango near our DC apartment.  The night we got engaged, after walking through DC, buzzing with excitement, we ducked into Pitango for celebratory gelato. The creamy cardamom-hazelnut combo brought back happy memories.

We walked back to Fed Hill for dinner Sunday night.  David loves The Abbey burgers and I was craving a crab cake. Monday morning, we woke up before the sun, admired the view one last time, before heading back to DC.  Grateful for a quick, super nostalgic trip back to Charm City!

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