Thanksgivings past

Hello, Thanksgiving week! Was reading a favorite blog this week that perfectly summed up how I feel this holiday: I’m thankful for Thanksgiving. So grateful for this time: time with family, time to getaway and reflect, time to for a break from stress. Well, to a certain degree-there’s always something :) But really trying to pause and think about gratitude.

Thinking of being thankful for Thanksgiving, been remembering the holiday from past years. Found some photos, scattered on different devices, and wanted to try to document in one place.  Some memories from the last 9 years…


Our first Thanksgiving together! I took the train from Bmore to Connecticut, and, based on these photos, made some sort of meat and potatoes dinner. I remember studying that whole weekend (1L finals were around the corner), David worked that day (lots of sports on Thanksgiving) and that was just a tough time in life. But I remember that night-sitting around those Glade candles-ha!-and just feeling grateful to be together.


2008 was like 2007-train to Connecticut, Thanksgiving together. By 2009, David was living in Baltimore. We planned a friendsgiving for the actual holiday and invited our East Coast-California friends. That weekend was a total highlight. It was first our time really hosting together and it was so comforting to celebrete with our close friends.

I remember being frustrated that I hadn’t figured out how to time out dinner prep to accommodate hair drying/straightening. This is a skill that, years later, I’m still working on…


In 2010, I had just started working at my first-ever-real-life-full-time-post-grad school-job. David was living in a much nicer home than the year before and we hosted our friends again.

I was absurdly persnickety about the table-setting and created an instruction map for David. Cringe!


In 2011, we moved in together in DC (scandal) and hosted in our little basement apartment. Look at that tiny kitchen! 

The next day, we packed up for the weekend and drove south to Charlottesville. Sadly, I seem to have lost all photos of that weekend getaway. But the happy memory of our Cville B&B-where they served ice cream during the three course breakfast-remains.


During that fall, I stumbled on a Turkish Airlines advertisement for wildly low fares from IAD to Istanbul. I was shocked when David agreed to my impulsive travel idea. We flew to Turkey the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and were back by Sunday night. It was a whirlwind and sparked a delightful tradition of Thanksgiving travel.


Tyler graciously hosted an incredible Thanksgiving dinner at his house. I remember waking up that morning, making coffee, curling up on the couch to watch the parade and thinking-hmm…no hosting, no travel, this is nice…Friday morning, after Tyler’s delicious dinner, we took an early flight to Charleston for a weekend trip.

I had been feeling pretty homesick that November (around this time we started talking about moving back to California) and the warm, coastal sunshine was exactly what I needed. Also, Charleston is gorgeous. And the food was spectacular! Example: these incredible desserts from Kaminskys.


Craving a proper breakfast tea and missing my best friend, we booked a trip to London and Dublin for Thanksgiving. Gathering with Katie’s friends for an American Thanksgiving dinner in London was a total kick and a wonderful memory.


Thanks to another excellent flight deal-and a serious pasta and red wine craving-we planned a trip to Rome and Florence for Thanksgiving. We spent the holiday cooking in Trastevere as part of an incredible Roman cooking class. It was delicious :)

And now, here we are, getting ready for Thanksgiving 2016. We’ll be much closer to home this year and I’m particularly grateful for that. Still processing the election and other frustrations while maintaining perspective and focusing on gratitude. Grateful for family and for a few days to reflect and relax together. Sending good thoughts of peace and gratitude out for this holiday season!

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