Thanksgiving 2016

Greetings from the Monday morning BART train! After several days of total relaxation and quiet, trying to mentally prep myself to get back into gear. Excited that there’s only four more weeks until Christmas but ever aware of all the work that needs to get done before the end of year…Before totally jumping into reality, wanted to jot down a few happy moments from a beautiful Thanksgiving.

We drove to Irvine and arrived in the early afternoon. Throughout the weekend, I read Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth (SO good book) and had to smile when I noticed the stunning book cover matched my mom’s beautiful tablescape.

Janou and Mom went all out with incredible food. Before driving down, David asked, “so, what’s a Gordon Thanksgiving like?”  I realized I wasn’t totally sure-it had been a solid decade since we were all together for the holiday.  I’m SO grateful we were together this year-and it was all delicious. Especially the turkey-perfect that night, perfect for sandwiches the next day.

The next morning, we relaxed at home and I went for a nice walk with my dad. That afternoon, David and I drove to my favorite beach. It was warm enough to lay out in the sand and David and I promptly fell asleep.

Loved waking up from a late afternoon nap to this view.  An afternoon at Crystal Cove is one of the places I try to mentally travel to when totally frustrated with the world.  When the commute home is long and horrible and I wonder-why do I do this? Why do we live in a state that is so expensive that I have to endure this long commute? I think of the beach, the warmth, the weather, and the gorgeous natural beauty throughout the state, and remember why it’s worth it.

After a relaxing afternoon, we eventually made our way home. Everyone was gathered around the living room, drinking wine and relishing leftovers before the fire.  It was so cozy! We talked a lot about politics and the concerning state of the world. No answers to any of it, but it felt good to vent and laugh and be together.

Pretty soon it was Saturday morning and time to begin the drive back up north. I met up with Natalie for brunch at Plums (omgoodness, their hazelnut pancakes) and then we began loading the car.

Too short of a trip! But thankful we all got to be cozy together.

We hit a lot of rain and traffic on the way, so I was extra grateful for podcasts (love The WeedsThe Axe Files, and of course, Wait Wait..). The temperature plummeted on the drive through the Grapevine-pretty wild to compare those beach views to the snow-just 24 hours later!

Even though the drive was long, it was nice to return Saturday night and have a quiet day yesterday. We caught up on house cleaning and grocery shopping (thrilling) and picked out our Christmas tree (actually thrilling!).

David made chili and cornbread and decorated the tree. I got cozy, and curled up with my new favorite afternoon drink and the first episode of the new Gilmore Girls. Emily Gilmore’s Mari Kondo moment was hilarious and heartbreaking-much like the Winter episode.

And suddenly, it’s Monday morning, back to reality. Incredibly grateful for this weekend and sending good thoughts for the week ahead :)

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