Friday Holiday Thoughts

After a few days of rain, the Tule fog enveloped the Valley this morning and the early train felt particularly wintry. It’s got me thinking about winter and holiday…




Thinking of favorite holiday decorations, the Orchard House from Little Women always tops the list. I think of the one orange that Amy has at the breakfast table, the garlands of pine that line the hallways and all the candles.  A new nursery recently opened up and I’ve been meaning to check it out-think I might pick up some greenery to spruce up our living room. PS-agree with this author-the cottage in the Holiday is my definitely my second favorite Christmas home.

Holiday Cards:

Our Christmas tree has few ornaments, and we mostly like to decorate it with holiday cards.  I wonder how many people, picking out their cards this year, faced this dilemma: how cheery should these cards be? I love Laura Owen’s hilarious monologue:

“Beyond that, there is just a lot of stuff we need to do before Christmas, like send out our Christmas cards (ANOTHER THING TRUMP HAS FUCKING RUINED THIS YEAR, requiring me to choose the most subdued possible message — the “Peace” template over “Merry Merry!” or whatever jaunty greeting Minted came up with in the past; should the kids even be smiling in the picture? Should we be sending out cards at all, maybe just a one-line mass email with “In lieu of Christmas cards this year, we’ve made a donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center”?)”

All of this definitely crossed my mind this year, and it crossed my mind last year (2015 wasn’t easy on the world, either). In the end, opted to go with a festive, merry card.  I guess I was trying to be hopeful?

Guide to the 2016 Williams-Sonoma Catalog:

Christmas came early!!! One of my favorite journalists tweeted the 2016 Haters Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog last night, and it totally brightened the day.  Think part the delicious appeal is I actually really like WS, and if left to my own devices and unlimited funds, would purchase half the items on the list. I mean, I currently only own table runners, love Moscow Mules, and a Sunday in Paris with Jefferey and Ina does sound like perfect happiness.

Alright, time to start the day! We’re seeing the Nutcracker tonight-I can’t wait :)


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