Quick weekend thoughts 

Good morning, Monday! On BART and wanted to jot down down some quick memories from the weekend…

On Friday night, my train got in just in time for The Nutcracker. It was a great performance and really nice to see it in person for the first time in a long time.

It rained almost all day Saturday and I only hope we keep getting more rain! Everything feels so fresh and lively. I walked over to the Mile and did a bit of Christmas shopping and bought my first pair of maternity jeans. Trying not to buy a ton of maternity clothes-only three more months!-but I was getting pretty desperate. 

Speaking of baby + clothes, our friends and family have kindly given us some adorable outfits for the baby. I washed and sorted them and had a great time laying them out and imagining a tiny person wearing them.

That night we drove to The Waterloo for David’s work holiday dinner. This place is a trip. Only about 6 miles from Stockton, but it felt like we were in the country. It’s cozy, kitschy, and the ribs were incredible.  It was nice to spend the evening relaxing catching up with David’s colleagues.

In an effort to spend less time reading on-line, I recently subscribed to the Sunday NYT. I’ve been meaning to do it for years and finally felt a sense of urgency to support investigative journalism. It was nice to wake up Sunday and read the news without sifting through alarmist Twitter headlines.

Our Farmer’s Market is closed for the winter, so we checked out In Season Nursery for some veggies.

They have a very sweet store and a fantastic backyard veggie garden.

And! They helped me make Christmas decorations! There was a table set up with pine, rosemary, ribbons and more and I made my first-ever decoration for the mantle.

Last night David made a big pot of Amatriciana sauce and we had our neighbors over for dinner. It might be the weather or the holidays or the pregnancy, but I’m feeling more and more of a desire to be home and quiet and cozy, so it was nice to have a comfy Sunday dinner.

And now-Monday morning is here! Sending good thoughts for the week.

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