Closing out the second trimester

Happy Wednesday! Realizing I haven’t really documented thoughts on this whole pregnancy thing and it’s already December! I’m 27 weeks along:


(This photo is from a month ago-feeling-and looking-quite a bit larger now).

Overall, its kind of weird to reflect on pregnancy as it’s a pretty inactive process (right now). With the bulk of the effort hyper concentrated at the end (childbirth-[eeek!!]), right now, there isn’t that much to do. Of course, we’ll have to get the house ready, we’re taking classes and reading books, and I hope to do some food prep for post-baby, but it all feels a bit slow and steady.  Which is kind of mind boggling when I think of what we’re preparing for: birthing a CHILD and then raising a CHILD.  The intensity and effort of that responsibility sounds monumentally overwhelming.  But how much can we do to prepare for that now?

Two looming prep pieces I do need to figure out: daycare and a leave plan. Finding a daycare is proving to be more difficult than anticipated. As far as a leave plan, I’m grateful my work has agreed to the time I requested to take off. Now, I need to draft out a coverage plan for while I’m out. 

Other than that, trying to focus on keeping calm and present during this stage. Started to feel really connected at the 21 week ultrasound when we spent a long time looking at the baby on the screen and he started kicking. It helped me imagine him more clearly and physically feeling him is a delight.  During the ultrasound, the tech commented on how much he was kicking, and was surprised I hadn’t really noticed. I’m more in-tune with it now, and love feeling all the little movement. 

I try to talk to him at night before I go to sleep, though most of the time it just turns into a conversation with David. We have the same chat over and over: whoa, can you believe we’re going to be parents? That there’s going to be a third little person here? What is this going to be like? 

It’s especially nice to have this very physical change to remind me how grateful I am to be pregnant. I’m ever aware of the different and often difficult paths to motherhood-and motherhood in all forms-and I’m thankful for this particular journey.

Not to say I’m free from worry and anxiety. And not to blame everything on the President Elect (though I would like to) by my general worry has dramatically increased since November 8. Probably a combination of the global reality and pregnancy hormone changes.

So now, making more of conscious effort to relax. Life has slowed down a lot the last few weeks and I imagine it’ll stay pretty quiet. No more big travel plans, and we’re generally staying closer to home on the weekends. I’ve been reading about different baby sleep patterns and the importance of evening rituals (it seems like a lot of people do the whole book, bath, bottle/nurse, bed).  And suddenly I thought-hello! Why am I not doing this right now?? So, in an effort to sleep train myself (ha) I’ve gotten really into lighting a candles, heating up a bag of rice and lavender to soothe my back, drinking tea, and a bath. It’s really nice!

As far as the other pregnancy changes-sleep, food, etc.-nothing terribly remarkable. Sleep is ok….lots of tossing and turning and I’ll randomly wake up from hip pains. And I’m only getting bigger! Food cravings-both in quantity and type-come and go. Definitely eating and craving more sweets than pre-pregnancy, particularly of the ice cream variety. Some days it seems I eat every half hour and others I feel pretty normal. Thankfully, no food aversions, other than bacon and avocados. With the holidays, I’m definitely craving a big glass of Pinot Noir or a crisp Mule. As Sarah Heppolah says, “what nobody tells you about all the holiday spirit is how much booze it requires.” (And yes, I’m very aware that pregnancy is temporary, joyful and so incredibly worth it).

Think that’s about it! Very grateful for this little, growing baby.


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