Weekend before Christmas 

Happy Monday! Last Monday commute to work before holiday vacation.  And it is chilly. The temperatures dropped this weekend and yesterday we woke up to a frosted front lawn!

This morning, David had to de-ice the front windshield before dropping me off at the train-it was in the high 20s last night. Not remarkable for most of the country, but cold for California.

Looking forward to a shorter work week and very excited for a holiday break. Friday night, we made grilled cheese and tomato soup and watched the Minimalism documentary. Overall, worth watching-good, but not great.  Pros: the insight on the historic/economic drivers behind compulsive consumerism, reflections on the accumulation addiction being about more than just stuff (ie our addiction to apps and media), and thoughtful interviews with economists, scientists, psychologists and minimalists. Also, not terribly preachy, more about telling a story.  Cons: As much as it’s about Minimalism, it’s also a behind-the-scenes look at the Minimalist’s first book tour, which was interesting for a few minutes, and then super repetitive. Also, there’s an element of economic privilege wrapped up in minimalism preaching that makes me uncomfortable and hesitant about the whole thing. For example, one clip of horrendous Black Friday shopping mayhem is enough to point out the “onward march of consumerism”-but they show the footage over and over and over again. It made me think of this this article and the voyeuristic judgment of watching those scenes.

Anyway, that was Friday night!

Saturday morning, we drove into SF-I went to Heather’s annual cookie party, David got burritos with Budak :)  Heather and Christina hosted and it was so nice to be together. After a cozy afternoon of delicious tortilla soup and gingerbread cookies, we drove down to San Jose for Jon and Melissa’s holiday housewarming.

They recently bought a gorgeous home and it was a very festive evening! The best part of this photo was watching Zac try to get Isla to look at the camera. She is SO CUTE. This little group is literally sprawled out allllll over the entire Northern California region (and Hawaii!) and it is extra special to all be together.

Yesterday, after pancakes for breakfast, we ran our Sunday errands, cleaned, and I napped before having our neighbors over for dinner. Sleep has not been great the last week (eek! I’m hoping it gets a bit better before it gets a lot worse!) so it was nice to take it easy. For years, David’s been making a delicious pork ragu dinner, and only yesterday, while reading over his shoulder (bad habit) did I  realize its a DALS recipe.  It really does make for a great wintry Sunday dinner.

Hoping to get a lot done this week to be able to relax over the holidays!

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