Orchestrator of Memories

I just heard the sweetest phrase and I don’t want to forget it. Adri is visiting CA for her holiday and we met up for breakfast in Benecia. After a hearty, cozy breakfast at First Street Cafe (delicious buttery scones), we stopped by her parent’s house and chatted with her mom over tea.

I said something about soaking up this holiday, and being conscious of my independence, aware that this time next year, there’ll be a little baby calling the shots.

“Oh yes, and then the holidays change, and it’s wonderful,” Maria said.  “You become the orchestrator of memories. And they hold on to and remember everything!”

Reading about and observing parenthood, I’m aware of the immense responsibility, but I’ve never thought of the responsibility to shape memories. I loved her description-orchestrator of memories. Such a beautiful thought!

Anyway, that made me smile. Happy holiday break!!!!

Christmas…2010? Love this photo of the six of us. Janou and Katie are my favorite co-conspirators in childhood memory making :) Can’t wait to be together soon!

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