Summer in Winter weekend

This weekend, I escaped the rainy weather and flew to Southern California for a quick weekend with family and friends.

After some delays, I arrived at LAX and made my way to Rachel and Adam’s. They had just returned (literally hours earlier) from a holiday trip to Paris and graciously  hosted me for the night. It was so nice to catch up over burrito bowls and hear all about their trip :)

The next morning, I met up with Taryn’s friends for brunch and we all celebrated the beautiful bride to be! Caity rented an AMAZING house with spectacular views of LA.

I’m so bummed to miss Taryn’s spring wedding, but it was very special to toast to one of my oldest, best friends and revel in her joy and excitement. Taryn is a friend who is always so generous and excited for her friends and she gives so much to her friendships. It was very special to celebrate her, and her marriage, and surround her with love!

I truly love living in Northern California, but when it’s the beginning of January and there’s sunshine and a gorgeous pool, life in LA seems ultra tempting…

My mom and I spent Sunday relaxing in the Westside (I relaxed, Mom was wonderful and navigated all the LA driving :)).

We drove past the Beverly Hilton and saw the impressive preparations for the Golden Globes. (Speaking of, thank you, 2017, for Meryl Streep’s speech).

After lunch, I got a very nice prenatal massage. With the warm weather, the therapist opened the doors to the spa patio. At first I thought-eek! Privacy!–but no one was there and it was such a pleasant, relaxing, almost-summer breeze.

We ended the day with a sunset walk on the Manhattan Beach esplanade. Much to the dismay of locals (we overheard one power-walker lament: “ugh! Remember when it used to be quiet here?”) it was packed with tourists and sunset-gazers. How could it not be? So gorgeous in the middle of January!

This morning, after some rain delays, I flew back to Oakland. Not sure when I’ll fly again-so strange!

And now-almost back home in Stockton. Sending good thoughts for the week ahead :)

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